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Written by Sean Felker

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2. Find a free blogging service. I reccomend They have simple and easy to follow instructions, even Dad could follow them ). Now followrepparttar

instructions onrepparttar 138835 start page. Take your time and make sure you readrepparttar 138836 instructions. Do Not speed read them like Dad usually will do .

WOW Great job!!! Pat your self onrepparttar 138837 back.

Congratulations you have now created a blog.

3. Now open uprepparttar 138838 create new post in your new blog and write new post. Now publish it.

Now your a blogger

4. Now go back to and sign in to your "MY" account.

5. Now go to add content to your front page, upper left corner of your start page.Now click on RSS Headlines. Now copy this and paste this url in The Add New Sources box on this page.

6. Now check Sources to add. This will adrepparttar 138839 feed to your MY page.

7. Now repeat steps 4 and 5 with your blog URL.

Happy Blogging

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Get your website viewed today

Written by Ratliff J

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#4. Look at your website from your potential customers point of view. Why should they buy from you? What can you offer that others do not?

I have used all these tips to bring traffic to my 100+ websites, and it works great. It takes a little more time, but it is worth it!

J. Ratliff is an avid article writer for many website. He is also the author of the Affiliate Directory.

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