How To Conceal Your Website's "Fingerprint" From The Search Engines

Written by Satyajeet Hattangadi

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Modifyingrepparttar templates to create a unique site is definitely one way to go, but there are several others ways to make your site unique.

RSS is a great way to make your site "unfingerprintable".

But most RSS scripts available inrepparttar 105837 market today just displayrepparttar 105838 feed content as is without modifying it.

The ideal way to use RSS feeds in a truly "unprintable" fashion would be to aggregate more than one RSS feed and display them randomly.

By aggregating and randomizing several feeds you can guarantee that your content will be unique.

PPC feeds from Amazon, Revenue Pilot and Search feed can add extra content to your sites that make it unique, and earn a few dollars for you atrepparttar 105839 same time.

Allrepparttar 105840 three PPC sites listed above provide their feeds in XML format and also provide sample PHP code that can convert this into regular HTML.

If you use page generators to create your websites, use them responsibly to ensurerepparttar 105841 "longevity" of your websites.

And if you use RSS feeds on your site, remember to "randomize" them to conceal your site's fingerprint fromrepparttar 105842 search engines.

Satyajeet Hattangadi is the Owner of Novasoft Inc, creators of RSS Randomizer, a unique php script that aggregates and randomizes RSS feeds to make your site "unfingerprintable"

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Get Better Search Engine Rankings with RSS

Written by Satyajeet Hattangadi

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One thing I never anticipated would happen as a result of adding an RSS feed to my site was thatrepparttar Googlebot visited my site almost daily. Torepparttar 105836 Googlebot, my page that hadrepparttar 105837 RSS feed incorporated into it was as good as a page that was being updated daily, and in its judgement, was a page that was worth visiting daily.

What this means to you, is that you will have your site being indexed more frequently byrepparttar 105838 Googlebot and so any new pages that you add to your site will be picked up much faster than your competitors.

How does this benefit you as a marketer?

Well, for example, let's says a top Internet Marketer comes out with a new product that you review and write up a little article on, and that your competitors dorepparttar 105839 same.

Google generally tends to index pages atrepparttar 105840 start ofrepparttar 105841 month and if you miss that update, you will probably need to wait tillrepparttar 105842 next month to even see your entry in.

But, since your site has RSS feeds, it now gets indexed more frequently. Sorepparttar 105843 chances of getting your page indexed quickly are much higher.

This gives you an advantage overrepparttar 105844 competition, as your review will show up sooner inrepparttar 105845 search results than theirs.

Imagine what an entire month's advantage could do to your affiliate sales!

Why Javascript Feeds Are Not Effective

Some sites offer javascript code that generates content sourced from RSS feeds for your site.

These are of absolutely no value in terms of search engine rankings, asrepparttar 105846 googlebot cannot read javascript andrepparttar 105847 content is not interpreted as part of your page.

What you need is code that parsesrepparttar 105848 RSS feed and rendersrepparttar 105849 feed as html content that's part of your page.

This is achieved using server side scripting languages like PHP or ASP.

A good free ASP script is available from Kattanweb

An equally good PHP script is CARP

But, if you're looking for an easier solution, you should check out Express RSS

So in conclusion, besides optimizing on page and off page factors, adding RSS feeds to your pages should be an important part of your strategy to boost your search engine rankings.

Satyajeet Hattangadi is the CEO of Novasoft Inc, a software solutions provider, that specializes in affordable customized software solutions. Get the Free Email Course "RSS Riches" and learn how to use RSS to get high search engine rankings and monetize your website at

This article may be reprinted as long as the text and resource box are kept intact., and the links live and spiderable.

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