How To Choose a Sewing Machine

Written by Mary Wilkins

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Onrepparttar other hand, a strong sales pitch can also steer you inrepparttar 116269 wrong direction. Paying for a top ofrepparttar 116270 line model doesn't mean you are gettingrepparttar 116271 machine you will be happiest with. You must resistrepparttar 116272 urge for that impulse buy. Go home and talk to someone who sews. Find out their experiences and listen to what they have to say. Again, take your time with this decision.

If you have visited allrepparttar 116273 dealers, and test driven their machines visit them all again. Visit again when you are rested and can make a clear decision. Go back and take a second look at those machines. You are looking at them with new eyes now. Maybe there are a few things you never noticedrepparttar 116274 first time that stand out now. What about that foot pedal, is it comfortable? Do you wantrepparttar 116275 even feed feature? Doesrepparttar 116276 machine run smoothly and quietly? Are there more programmes than you will ever use? If so, make a mental note and you can scale down your possible choices. This second visit will tell you more than you expect.

Ask aboutrepparttar 116277 warranty that comes with each machine. Be sure you know who is responsible for standing behind it, your dealer orrepparttar 116278 manufacturer. Are repairs made locally or will you have to pack everything up and send it away.

Be very sure you understand what is included withrepparttar 116279 sewing machine. Which feet, how many bobbins and what about a manual. The manual is very important. You will refer torepparttar 116280 manual time after time so it should be a good reference guide to allrepparttar 116281 accessories and stitch designs along with any other functions. The manual should be full of pictures and diagrams forrepparttar 116282 basic sewing as well as clear directions. If your manual isn't helpful, do you want to go searching outrepparttar 116283 answers every time you have a problem. I wish I had a penny for every time someone has emailed me with a problem that their manual doesn't answer.

Be sure you get your sales agreement in writing and keep your copy in a safe place. Nothing less will do.

The bottom line is you must do some work before you ever sew your first stitch. If you makerepparttar 116284 effort and educate yourself,repparttar 116285 rewards of a great sewing machine are yours.

Mary is the mother to three grown children and six perfect grandchildren. She is also owner/editor of Her site has been recognized in many national sewing magazines.

Sewing As A Part Time Income

Written by Mary Wilkins

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My point is, don't get caught in this sort of situation. If you can't fill their requirements, don't takerepparttar job on. Not all customers realize what they are doing when they ask for something to be done. They don't realizerepparttar 116268 time it takes,repparttar 116269 work involved orrepparttar 116270 know how required to make a quality product on time. It is your job, asrepparttar 116271 seamstress, to explain this torepparttar 116272 potential customer. Your quality of work is what will set you apart from allrepparttar 116273 others. The impression you leave withrepparttar 116274 customer, good or bad, stays with them. Always remember that.

I could go on and on aboutrepparttar 116275 pitfalls of sewing for others, this is just a reminder to not underestimate yourself or to letrepparttar 116276 customer talk you into something you are not sure of. Remember, you are inrepparttar 116277 drivers seat.

Mary Wilkins is the mother of three grown children and six perfect grandchildren. She is also the owner/editor of

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