How To Choose Your Wedding Shoes

Written by Diana Claire

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There is several of wedding shoes styles. Some wedding shoes styles are made from leather, which is combined with cotton for strength and silk satin for richness. There is also wedding shoes that are made from other material, which is also beautiful.

If you want to check what style is match with your wedding dress, just clickrepparttar website which purchases wedding shoes. You can order easily and without waiting very long, your wedding shoes will be on your hand. Try it on and see how it is on your foot. If not comfortable enough, you can return and change it withrepparttar 147499 one that is more comfortable.

It’s recommend that once you've found your dress, you start looking forrepparttar 147500 perfect shoes immediately for your wedding. You should have your shoes byrepparttar 147501 time your gown is delivered and ready to be altered. You will need to bring your shoes to every fitting so thatrepparttar 147502 hemline remainsrepparttar 147503 same.

At least two weeks beforerepparttar 147504 wedding start wearing your shoes aroundrepparttar 147505 house. An hour at first, then slowly increaserepparttar 147506 time at three day intervals leading up torepparttar 147507 day. That is to break them in, so you get familiar with your shoes. You do want to have gorgeous wedding shoes with beautiful attire feeling uneasy, don’t you!

Now, walk torepparttar 147508 altar and make yourselfrepparttar 147509 most charming bride inrepparttar 147510 world with your perfect gorgeous wedding shoes!

Diana Claire lifelong for shoes led her became shoes reviewer. She has tried different kind of shoes, and she put her review at Her experiences on shoes can be helpful for those who need more information about a certain kind of shoes. Visit her Website

Your Values: A Strong Foundation for Motherhood

Written by Joelle Jay and Amy Kovarick

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TrustFaithServiceCaringCompassion RelationshipQuality of LifeHealth AchievementAuthenticity WellnessRenewalFreedomBeautyIntegrity LearningGrowthFunChoiceSecurity JoyGratitudeOuter PeaceInner PeaceHonesty GenerosityAdventureOrderAbundanceSpirituality AudacityImpactIntensitySimplicityHarmony ClarityFrugalityIndependenceDiscoveryLove AcceptanceWisdomCreativityImaginationForgiveness BalanceCourageTruthDelightPleasure AccomplishmentRespectCourtesyOpennessPower

Personalizing Your Values

Of course, every woman is different, and so are her values. We encourage you to experiment with your values and make up words that suit you best. You can even put words together to describe your own unique view of life.

For instance, we know one mother who has a value she calls “wide margins” – an image that reminds her to schedule her time very loosely so that she can be spontaneous and flexible, no matter whatrepparttar day might bring. Another mom we know made up a value called “bees and honey” that helps her remember to create, cherish, and harvestrepparttar 147464 sweetness of life. There are no rules about how your values should look or sound; what matters is that they speak to you about what’s most important in your life.

Understanding Your Values

To really make your values a part of your life, it’s important to think about what each one means to you. How does each value show up in your life? The value of “spirituality” may mean going to church for one person, spending time in meditation for another, and walking inrepparttar 147465 woods for another. You and your best friend might both have a value around “family,” but one of you might mean spending quiet time at home whilerepparttar 147466 other means creating boisterous, house-filling reunions. Takingrepparttar 147467 time to connect to what your values mean to you makes them yours instead of just a list of words.

Living Your Values

With a new, clearer sense of your values, you make it possible to live according to what really matters to you. Try on your values for size. Live your life from a new point of view. How would your approach to motherhood change if you always lived according to your values? What would be harder? What would be easier? What new decisions would you make? Experiment with your values for a few weeks. See what new insights they bring you. We call this living your values, and it’s one ofrepparttar 147468 most powerful things you can do to find balance in motherhood.

When you become a mother, it’s important to be ready for some changes. Althoughrepparttar 147469 specific things that are important to you may change after your baby is born, your values endure. As your life, your schedule, your habits, and your relationships change, you can align them with your values in new ways that suit your new life without shakingrepparttar 147470 core of who you really are. Your values allow you to keep your identity and maintain what is intrinsic to your happiness, despite all ofrepparttar 147471 changes life (and especially motherhood) can bring. And that’s one solid foundation for motherhood.

Dr. Joelle Jay and Amy Kovarick are professional coaches, speakers and authors. Through their company, Oh, Baby! MotherhoodTM, they guide women in becoming mothers without losing themselves. Visit them at

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