How To Choose The Right Contact Lenses

Written by Peter Smithson

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Flexible wear and extended wear lenses are designed for those who like to be able to sleep in their contacts rather than deal with putting them in and taking them out several times a day. These are especially useful for those who travel a great deal or are frequently away from home. No worries about having to carry your lens cleaning kit with you everywhere you go.

More than 30 million people wear contact lenses and it requires a visit to your eye care professional that can then determine if you're a candidate for contacts. With so much variety and so many advances,repparttar chances are good that your local optometrist hasrepparttar 143626 right contact lens for you. =========================================================== Discover important advice and information about contact lenses. Are soft or hard best ? What'srepparttar 143627 best cleaning solutions ? For a comprehensive guide, Click

Peter has worn contact lenses all his life. He's tested different types, and explored all alternatives. In this series of articles he shares his advice and experiences.

Dental Care: A Surefire Killer Smile

Written by Charlene J. Nuble

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When you go torepparttar dentist, you get more than cleaning. If cleaning is all you can get fromrepparttar 143625 dentist as dental care, your dentist might be getting more than your money's worth. When you visitrepparttar 143626 dentist, you actually get a full spectrum of dental care. The full spectrum includes diagnostic, preventive, and educational services specifically and individually designed to help you keeprepparttar 143627 best possible smile.

The diagnostic part of dental care spectrum includes:

1. A review and update of your medical history 2. A recording of any changes in your prescribed medications and physical condition 3. X-rays for detecting decay, bone loss, and oral diseases 4. An examination of your teeth to detect decay 5. Evaluation of your gum tissues 6. Checking your biting patterns 7. Evaluation of possible cosmetic alterations which may help improve your smile

The preventive service ofrepparttar 143628 spectrum of dental care includes:

1. blood pressure screening 2. Head and neck oral cancer screening 3. Scaling ofrepparttar 143629 teeth to remove all plaque and tartar 4. Polishing ofrepparttar 143630 teeth to remove all stains 5. Polishing ofrepparttar 143631 silver crowns 6. Polishing all silver restorations 7. Flossing 8. Application of fluoride if necessary 9. Referral to a specialist for specific treatment if necessary

The educational service ofrepparttar 143632 spectrum of dental care includes:

1. A tour ofrepparttar 143633 mouth and discussion ofrepparttar 143634 findings 2. Tooth brushing and flossing instructions 3. Dietary discussion 4. Presentation of prescribed dental treatment 5. Updates on what is new in home care products and latest advances in dentistry

Dental care is more than brushingrepparttar 143635 teeth as you have learned as you read this article. Good oral hygiene is a habit we all should get into to keep that smile a killer that will make you attractive and not scary.

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