How To Choose The Perfect Granite Work Surface

Written by Edward Green

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I have received numerous calls lately concerningrepparttar fading of black granite counter tops. Black granite should not fade. Black granite imported from Asia is sometimes doctored with dyes and oils to darkenrepparttar 100446 surface. The fading is nothing more thanrepparttar 100447 dyes and oils being removed. Unfortunately,repparttar 100448 only fix is to re-polishrepparttar 100449 top. This can be costly.

Before purchasing a granite top performrepparttar 100450 following test to find out if it has been doctored.

Get a clean white cloth and apply some acetone (nail varnish remover) torepparttar 100451 surface ofrepparttar 100452 granite. If any residue or black color is observed onrepparttar 100453 top, do not accept it, it has been dyed.

Take a piece ofrepparttar 100454 "granite" you want to test and spill a few drops of lemon juice onto it. If you see that underrepparttar 100455 drops of lemon it develops very quickly dark spots, it means that it's a very absorbent stone and I would advise you against it. If it takes, say, a minute or so to be absorbed, then you're dealing with a level of absorbency that's easily controllable withrepparttar 100456 application of a good quality impregnating sealer.

So, in short be careful where you place your order and always seek specialist advice. The void between a good stone and a bad stone is huge,repparttar 100457 price between a good stone and a bad stone is smaller than you think but can be costlier.

Edward Green owns and operates the highly successful Marble Master Ltd Company. Marble Master specializes in Restoration and Refinishing of all types of natural stone and consultancy services to Architects, Restoration Companies and Interior Designers.

Using Color To Change The Size Of Your Bedroom

Written by Lee Dobbins

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When painting your bedroom, make sure you buy enough paint to dorepparttar job! Consider how many coats you will need. A dark color may need several coats. IF you are trying to paint a light color over a dark, you may need to use some primer and also a couple of coats. 1 gallon of paint can do about 400 square feet so keep this in mind. To measure your room, go aroundrepparttar 100435 edge of allrepparttar 100436 walls with a measuring tape and recordrepparttar 100437 total width. Measurerepparttar 100438 height from floor to ceiling and multiply by total width to getrepparttar 100439 square footage. Measure allrepparttar 100440 doors and window opening and subtract this fromrepparttar 100441 total square footage (or not, itís always a good idea to have a little extra paint then not enough!).

Donít forget to protect your wood moldings with painters tape, remove allrepparttar 100442 covers fromrepparttar 100443 electrical outlets and plugs and coverrepparttar 100444 floor and furniture with drop cloths!

Lee Dobbins is owner and editor of Bedroom Designs And Decorations where you can learn more about bedroom colors and decorating schemes.

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