How To Choose An Affiliate Program

Written by Joe Bingham

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you? Or how you think it will sell to others? Once you buy into a program, you will be selling to othersrepparttar same thing that you just bought. If you liked what was there, if you wanted what it offered, if you thought highly of it, chances are most others will as well. It will be 'individuals' looking at a program on your recommendation, not just 'people' in general. Individuals pay for things, individuals who will look to you asrepparttar 102627 one who got them into it. Can you proudly say, "This is my program, check it out!" Would you say that to people visiting you in your own home? Or would you feel better hiding behind an affiliate ID number and just throwing your ads out in cyberspace to 'people' in general? The only opinion inrepparttar 102628 whole world that you really, truly understand is your own. Don't judge a program on how you 'think' others will react to it, judge it by what YOU see and understand. Why? Because that is what everyone else that visitsrepparttar 102629 site will be doing. Now, look at programs with a new mindset. Ask yourself whererepparttar 102630 people offeringrepparttar 102631 program are located. Ask yourself how it will all work. Are they real people offering you information, or is it just a site asking for your credit card number? It all boils down to a choice between programs with real people offering real information and value, and programs that are merely hype selling hype. Sure, that row of shouting carnival salesmen will take in some money, but how long are they going to be in town? If you are seeking true residual income, stick with value that plans on being around. That's something you can identify yourself, without trying to 'think' about what will sell to others.

Joe Bingham, editor of the NetPlay Newsletters.

Direct Talk On Producing Affiliate Sales

Written by Joe Bingham

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Single URL Promotion

While you can still run individual ads for each program if you like, you can also run ads that cover a wider concept and lead people to your own site. This can also lead to respondents for an ad to one program looking into more than one while visiting.

Repeat Contact

This may berepparttar best benefit of all. Most generally, people will respond to your ad only one time. From there, how do you maintain contact or encourage them to come back for additional visits?

At an affiliate site, there is generally only one concept and one decision to be made -- join or leave.

At your own site, you can offer groups of programs to visit, an ezine, information or humor content onrepparttar 102626 site, free ebooks, free products or promotional services, contests or giveaways, or any number of other items. In other words, your own site offers yourepparttar 102627 format to encourage REPEAT visitors, especially if you get their contact information through an ezine subscription or product giveaway.

By retaining contact with your visitors, it makes your advertising more effective.

Potential For Multiple Purchases

With your own business, on your own site, you can build your own reputation. This definitely increases your opportunity for multiple purchases, especially with repeat contact.

Structure For Downline Support

The true power of geometric progression, and a key in making residual income, is accomplished by sponsoring a successful downline team.

With a definable business, created by having your own site, you can then offer better support for those who have joined your programs. The content you place on your site can be there not only to attract more visitors and keep them coming back, but to better educate and motivate your downline as well.

Also, it gives them a point of reference for staying in touch with you, and for keeping up with what you are doing.

All in all, having your own site provides more tools and opportunities for your business. I guarantee ALL ofrepparttar 102628 BIG money makers onrepparttar 102629 Internet have their own web site.

In a competitive market, it just doesn't make sense to followrepparttar 102630 crowd or stay withrepparttar 102631 'typical' marketing plan for affiliate programs if you want to make more than just an occasional sale. If you are seeking true wealth through residual income, you need your own name and your own business.

You need to personalize, and create your own UNIQUE WORTH.

Joe Bingham, Editor of the NetPlay Newsletters

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