How To Check If Cut Flowers Are Fresh

Written by Gerry Belvedere

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As flowers age:

-repparttar foliage will start to yellow fromrepparttar 113374 bottom upwards

-repparttar 113375 stems will discolor fromrepparttar 113376 bottom up as bacteria spreads fromrepparttar 113377 cut

- seeds or pollen onrepparttar 113378 flower head will open and shed spores

-repparttar 113379 petals will fade in colour, lose moisture, dehydrate and eventually collapse


Changerepparttar 113380 water daily, recutrepparttar 113381 stems often and enjoy your flowers longer.

Gerry Belvedere is a former artist who now runs her own online florist service at Rosaflora delivers flowers Australia wide and overseas and offers tips on getting the most out of your cut flowers.

5 Perennials For Shade Gardens

Written by Lee Dobbins

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Astibe - This plant comes in 3 “sizes” which grow to 20", 30" and 40" in a variety of colors. You can make a whole garden just with this 1 flower! It looks best planted in groups and has clumps of fluffy flower spikes. Foxglove - This is a great plant forrepparttar back row ofrepparttar 113373 garden as it can grow to 5 feet tall. It comes in a variety of colors and has large spikes filled with bell shaped flowers. This beautiful flower is highly toxic if ingested so be careful with it around animals and small children. Lily Of The valley - This wonderfully fragrant plant has dainty white bell shaped flowers. It is great for a ground cover orrepparttar 113374 front ofrepparttar 113375 garden as it grows to only about 6" tall. Lousiana Iris - This beautiful velvety purple black flower produces 4" blooms that last well into June. Plant in groups for best effect. Grows about 2 feet tall.

Virginia Blue Bells - This medium sized plant has lavender bell shaped clusters. It grows to about 2 feet in height and is very hardy and easy to grow despite it’s fragile appearance.

Lee Dobbins is a contributing writer for Backyard Garden And where you can find out more about building your dream garden and growing garden flowers

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