How To Catch His Eye

Written by Grace Chen

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The next important rule is color. Research has shown thatrepparttar color red is what catches a man’s attention. Researchers say that this is due torepparttar 130118 fact that subconsciously men connect this color to sex. If you find

red too bold to wear, steer toward less bold colors. It is important to stay away from pastels, as they steer towardrepparttar 130119 “cute” look.

This advice should be followed when going out at night. Walk out duringrepparttar 130120 day torepparttar 130121 supermarket or to work in a short mini dress and you might get tons of stares but this type of attention is notrepparttar 130122 type that attracts men. This is one ofrepparttar 130123 most important lessons that readers could ever learn. Beautiful women are beautiful because they know that different occasions require different looks. Master this, and you will soon berepparttar 130124 woman inrepparttar 130125 bar that all other women want to be and all men want to talk to.

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Womens Hair Loss

Written by Janice Johnson

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Here are some recommendations: Try to get your recommended daily iron intake. Some women with iron deficiency have experienced many strands and sometimes handfuls of hair going downrepparttar drain when washing their hair and they were not pregnant (note: pregnancy can sometimes cause premature loss of hair). So, your best bet is to avoid these nightmarish experiences and increase your iron intake on a daily basis. Make sure your diet contains enough meat, fish, eggs, cereals, peas and beans. Try eating more dried fruits, legumes and dark leafy greens, which are very high in iron content. If you are experiencing hair loss, contact your doctor immediately. If you are taking any medications your doctor should be able to determine if this may berepparttar 130117 cause. There are many factors which can cause hair loss – iron deficiency is only one of them. If you want to find out more information on women’s hair loss, visit

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