How To Cash In Promoting Affiliate Programs

Written by Ken Hill

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Publish your own articles, tutorials, ebooks, your ezine archive, as well asrepparttar promotional materials provided to you byrepparttar 102486 affiliate programs you've joined.

8. Keep your site updated regularly with new material.

9. Write recommendations.

Make a recommended links or products page where you share with your visitorsrepparttar 102487 benefits thatrepparttar 102488 products that you promote will provide to them -- how those products have helped you.

10. To increase your commissions promoting two-tier affiliate programs, also provide a top rated affiliate programs page where you recommend your affiliate opportunities to your visitors.

11. Follow up with your visitors by providing free e-mail courses.

Your courses can be those provided to you byrepparttar 102489 affiliate programs you promote, or you can create your own free e-mail courses from your own articles or tutorials.

12. Publish an ezine.

Running an ezine will allow you to successfully drive more new and repeat traffic to your site, successfully market your affiliate programs to your visitors by keeping in touch with them, and also allow you to promote several different affiliate programs within your ezine's content.

Publishing an ezine is also an excellent way to establish yourself as an expert or resource in your field which will generate more commissions for you as your subscribers respond to your recommendations.

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"Affiliate Programs to Avoid"

Written by Rosalind Gardner

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That's not good. My customers are literally my bread and butter. Giving them what they want and expect is how I stay in business. Paying for traffic that I send to a merchant site where there is nothing to buy, will put me out of business.

(This is how a membership site should be structured. When starting a dating service,repparttar merchant pays for advertising to bring people to their site. To entice visitors to sign up as members, he will initially offer his services for fr*ee. Whenrepparttar 102485 database is large enough to attract paying customers,repparttar 102486 affiliate program manager then invites potential affiliates to join their program.)

Although my friend's program had already struck out for my customers and me, I was still curious, so I kept on looking.

Next I clicked on a link labeled 'Dating Resources'. Expecting to find Internet dating tips and advice, I found links and banners pointing to Lavalife, FriendFinder and other affiliated dating sites instead. When I asked him about placing affiliate programs on his site, my friend said he simply wanted to supplement his income untilrepparttar 102487 dating service got *rolling*. I can understand his motivation. However, what he doesn't understand isrepparttar 102488 concept of customer 'hijacking'.

As an affiliate, you pay good money to get visitors to your site. You presell your merchants' products and expectrepparttar 102489 merchant to honor their end ofrepparttar 102490 bargain by makingrepparttar 102491 sale and sending your commission check. You don't pay forrepparttar 102492 merchant to send YOUR customers to THEIR affiliated merchants.

I didn't need to look any further. I told my friend that I would hold off on signing up and why. Fortunately, he understood and has already alleviated some ofrepparttar 102493 problems I mentioned.

Knowing when NOT to sign up for an affiliate program can sometimes be a tough call. However, you can simplifyrepparttar 102494 process considerably. Put yourself inside your customer's head. Ifrepparttar 102495 product won't work for them,repparttar 102496 program strikes out. Simple as that.

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