How To Buy a Used RV - Part 2

Written by William H. Smith

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12. Make sure that allrepparttar windows open and close easily. latches can rust shut. Arerepparttar 140651 screens onrepparttar 140652 windows and vents rusted or torn?

13. Open and close roof vents and make sure that vent fans run properly.

14. Fire uprepparttar 140653 hot water heater and make sure it works.

15. Testrepparttar 140654 refrigerator on bothrepparttar 140655 gas and electric settings. Repairs can be expensive and you are going to want to use bothrepparttar 140656 gas and electric options. Watch for frost beginning to form inrepparttar 140657 freezer to confirm that it is cooling properly. Make surerepparttar 140658 door will latch and lock securely. When you are onrepparttar 140659 road, you don't wantrepparttar 140660 fridge contents strewn through your RV.

16. Checkrepparttar 140661 furnace. Does it blow hot air? Don't wait until it's thirty degrees outside to find out.

17. Crank uprepparttar 140662 air conditioner. Does it blow cold air? If it has a heating element does that work as well?

18. Turn onrepparttar 140663 water tap without being hooked up to city water. Doesrepparttar 140664 water pump work?

19. Check outrepparttar 140665 toilet. Does it flush properly.

20. Hook uprepparttar 140666 city water. Check for leaks inside and outsiderepparttar 140667 RV.

21. Inquire aboutrepparttar 140668 condition ofrepparttar 140669 waste water valves. Better yet, ifrepparttar 140670 RV is hooked up to a sewer drain, open and closerepparttar 140671 valves to make sure they work.

22. Checkrepparttar 140672 cooking range and oven. Do all burners function? Doesrepparttar 140673 oven burner function?

23. Do all interior cabinets and drawers open and then latch securely? If not, you may have your belongings scattered throughout your RV when you are in transit.

24. Check for soft spots onrepparttar 140674 floor, particularly inrepparttar 140675 bathroom area. The plywood may be rotted through.

25. Isrepparttar 140676 flooring in good condition? How about interior walls?

26. Make sure curtains are not dry rotted. Can they be easily cleaned? Arerepparttar 140677 blinds still in good condition?

27. External lights - Testrepparttar 140678 external running lights. If you tow at night, and it is very likely that you will, you'll want to make sure thatrepparttar 140679 rear tail lights are operable. Simply hook up torepparttar 140680 tow vehicle and turn onrepparttar 140681 headlights. You'll also want to make sure thatrepparttar 140682 brake lights work, thatrepparttar 140683 right and left turn signal lights work, and thatrepparttar 140684 backup lights work. If there is a problem, it could be a faulty bulb, orrepparttar 140685 bulb fixture simply needs cleaning. Otherwise, you may be faced with an electrical problem.

28. Test exhaust vent fans to make sure they work. Typically you will find them inrepparttar 140686 living area, overrepparttar 140687 cooking range, and inrepparttar 140688 bathroom.

29. Doesrepparttar 140689 TV antenna crank up and down easily? Better yet, find a hobby and skip TV.

William Smith lived, and traveled fulltime in an RV travel trailer for over 12 years, and maintains a website dedicated to educating people about the RV lifestyle.

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How To Buy a Used RV - Part 1

Written by William H. Smith

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It is a good idea to haverepparttar owner with you while you inspectrepparttar 140650 RV so that he or she can observe your inspection notes. When you have completed your inspection you'll likely have a lengthy list of repairs needed. This will be your leverage to make a low-ball offer onrepparttar 140651 trailer. After all, you will either have to pay forrepparttar 140652 repairs or live with them as is.

Ifrepparttar 140653 RV owner doesn't accept your low offer, don't worry too much about it and go on torepparttar 140654 next RV. Give them your name and telephone number and tell them to call you if they change their mind.

Let two or three weeks pass and call them back to see if they have soldrepparttar 140655 RV yet. They may be very happy to hear from you and acceptrepparttar 140656 offer you made. If you are really interested inrepparttar 140657 RV, offer a slightly higher price this time. If they don't accept your offer, don't worry about it and call them back in another three or four weeks.

Sooner or later, you're going to pick up a genuine bargain on an RV. You'll have possibly saved quite a bit of money and inrepparttar 140658 process learned some negotiating skills.

In part 2 of this article, we'll explorerepparttar 140659 things you should be looking for when you inspect a used RV you're considering buying.

William Smith lived, and traveled fulltime in an RV travel trailer for over 12 years, and maintains a website dedicated to educating people about the RV lifestyle.

Visit to learn more about RV living.

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