How To Buy a Used RV - Part 1

Written by William H. Smith

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It is a good idea to haverepparttar owner with you while you inspectrepparttar 140650 RV so that he or she can observe your inspection notes. When you have completed your inspection you'll likely have a lengthy list of repairs needed. This will be your leverage to make a low-ball offer onrepparttar 140651 trailer. After all, you will either have to pay forrepparttar 140652 repairs or live with them as is.

Ifrepparttar 140653 RV owner doesn't accept your low offer, don't worry too much about it and go on torepparttar 140654 next RV. Give them your name and telephone number and tell them to call you if they change their mind.

Let two or three weeks pass and call them back to see if they have soldrepparttar 140655 RV yet. They may be very happy to hear from you and acceptrepparttar 140656 offer you made. If you are really interested inrepparttar 140657 RV, offer a slightly higher price this time. If they don't accept your offer, don't worry about it and call them back in another three or four weeks.

Sooner or later, you're going to pick up a genuine bargain on an RV. You'll have possibly saved quite a bit of money and inrepparttar 140658 process learned some negotiating skills.

In part 2 of this article, we'll explorerepparttar 140659 things you should be looking for when you inspect a used RV you're considering buying.

William Smith lived, and traveled fulltime in an RV travel trailer for over 12 years, and maintains a website dedicated to educating people about the RV lifestyle.

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Travel and Tourism in Sierra Leone is a Hot Topic!

Written by Suzanne Whitby

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Although many ofrepparttar forests and much ofrepparttar 140649 wildlife has been disturbed and in some cases, destroyed, byrepparttar 140650 war, eco-tourism is an important focus of Sierra Leoneans and natural treasures like Outamba-Kilimi National Park, populated by game animals such as elephants, chimpanzees and pigmy hippos, and Mount Bintimani,repparttar 140651 highest point in West Africa, are just two ofrepparttar 140652 worthwhile wildlife attractions on offer. Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary rescues orphaned and captured chimps and has been described as one ofrepparttar 140653 most successful Sierra Leonean wildlife endeavours, whilst Tiwai Island is home to over 3000 chimps as well as other game.

Lakes, rivers and dams are perfect for picnics and relaxing. The marshlands hide a myriad of colourful birds - indeed,repparttar 140654 bird life has been less affected byrepparttar 140655 war thanrepparttar 140656 animals, and everywhere you go,repparttar 140657 air is filled with birdsong. Sierra Leone is a bird-watchers dream! Tiwai Island for one boasts over 135 different bird species!

For culture vultures and those with historical interests,repparttar 140658 remnants ofrepparttar 140659 slave trade make interesting and though-provoking expeditions. Bunce Island, a slave trading fortress, is a brief boat trip uprepparttar 140660 river; Freetown is itself a monument to freed slaves and its Cotton Tree, which stands inrepparttar 140661 heart of what is thought to be an old slave market, is now an impressive national symbol. Graves, monuments and forts are all that remain of British and Portuguese power in Sierra Leone: each has a tale to tell. There are over 16 different ethnic groups inrepparttar 140662 country, includingrepparttar 140663 Krio, descendents of freed slaves who speak an English-based Creole called Krio, and visiting villages and chatting to people in markets and inrepparttar 140664 streets is rewarding for all parties!

Freetown is probablyrepparttar 140665 most developed ofrepparttar 140666 cities, offering a level of safety that is difficult to match even in Western countries. Hotels, restaurants and nightspots are sprouting like mushrooms, and eating out in Sierra Leone promises a range of traditional and international treats, and seafood that is beyond belief!

One has to wonder what attraction will tiprepparttar 140667 scales in making Sierra Leonerepparttar 140668 popular destination that it once was beforerepparttar 140669 civil war. Based on my experiences with Sierra Leoneans in recent weeks, I feel that it will berepparttar 140670 people who makerepparttar 140671 difference. Without exception, every Sierra Leonean that I have met or worked with has been proud of their country, proud of its progress and excited aboutrepparttar 140672 future. They are unfailingly welcoming, greeting aid-workers and travellers alike with smiles that you can only find in Africa, with an optimism - no, positivity - that other countries would do well to emulate.

For travellers in search of a "diamond inrepparttar 140673 rough", Sierra Leone offers a holiday like no other - my only advice to you is to visit sooner rather than later, to avoid what is sure to be a stampede once holiday-makers and tour operators latch on to this gem of a destination.

Suzanne Whitby is the founder of Naturally Africa Dot Org ( which provides travel, tourism, business and event information about countries in Africa. To date, South Africa, Sierra Leone and Madagascar are live on the site.

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