How To Buy The Right Computer

Written by Jackson Morgan

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Bring On The Noise!


This is simple, if you plan on using your PC as a TV or stereo, I suggestrepparttar latest greatest sound card along with some kicking speakers. (7.1 surround sound really responds nicely)

What operating system do I need?


Again, we need to askrepparttar 145478 same question. What am I using this PC for? (See a Pattern)Email checking, Web surfing, Game playing junkies Windows XP Home/Professional is your choice (If you have a choice, always go withrepparttar 145479 Pro). Home theater watching, MP3 ripping, picture taking extremists Windows Media Center is your puppy.

What You See Is What You Get!


Video can make or break your PC. Standard users need a least 64MB of video RAM. I recommend 128MB or better for everyone.

Is flat better?


Yes,repparttar 145480 technologies withrepparttar 145481 LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) displays have made major improvements inrepparttar 145482 last few years. Also,repparttar 145483 space saved is worth its wait in gold. Go flat.



If you plan on checking emails, surfingrepparttar 145484 web, writing letters, here is your PC.

Brand name Whatever you want (I recommend Dell);

Hard drive size (80-120GB IDE drive);

Memory (256-512MB);

Processor Latest Celeron processor will do;

Sound Integrated sound card and 2.1 speaker system will be fine;

Operating system Windows XP Pro or Home;

Video Card Integrated is fine, but you should have between 64 and 128MB of RAM;

Monitor 15-17 flat panel.

If you are going to play games, create a home theater or stereo it up. This is what you will need.

Brand name Whatever you want (I recommend Alienware);

Hard drive size (250-400GB SATA drive);

Memory (1-4GB);

Processor Latest greatest Pentium or equivalent;

Sound Audigy 4 Pro will suffice, along withrepparttar 145485 Creative Power Pak 7.1 speaker system;

Operating system Widows XP Pro or Media Center;

Video Card ATI all-in-wonder X800 XT;

Monitor 19-21 Flat Panel or DLP projection screen for home theaters.

About The Author


Jackson Morgan is a Sr. desktop support specialist and works with small to large businesses. He is certified to work on many platforms and has over eight years experience in the field. If you would like to contact Jackson you can e-mail him at visit us at

LCD Touch Screen Computer Monitor

Written by Sara Jenkins

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LCD Touch Screen Computer Monitors are very popular for eye pleasing clarity and stunning image quality. Many manufacturers produce lots of designs for a wide array of customer monitor solutions, including desktop, touch screen, and open frame units. LCD Touch Screen Computer Monitors are compact, visually impressive, and offer many different touch screen models to fit your needs. Moreover you can get most of these designs at affordable prices.

LCD Touch Screen Computer Monitor was designed to addressrepparttar key needs of touch applications, resulting in a product that can truly be called "designed for touch." LCD Touch Screen Computer Monitor has a unique combination of flexibility, reliability, performance, easy installation and a distinctive visual appeal. Most ofrepparttar 145477 LCD Touch Screen Monitors have high quality panel with 140x140 viewing angle, analog and digital (DVI-D) video inputs.

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