"How To Build Your Very Own Software Empire In 6 Easy Steps!"

Written by Brian Terry

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Think about how people will be using your software, should it be web based or a stand alone application?

Will you offer a free demo so people can try before they buy? Will there be different version of your software for different markets? These are just a few ofrepparttar questions you must ask yourself when you createrepparttar 117777 "blueprint".

4. "How to find a first class programmer"

Armed with a detailed software blueprint you now need a programmer to pullrepparttar 117778 whole thing together for you.

There are several types of programmers around, some better than others and you need to ask as many questions as possible.

I highly recommend getting some references first and speaking to them onrepparttar 117779 phone atrepparttar 117780 very least.

Here are a couple of places you could try online where you can "bid" for their services, always aim for quality rather than size if you're looking at a company.

http://www.ework.com http://www.freeagent.com http://www.elance.com

If you want low cost programming on a big project you could try looking offshore to countries like India, Russia and other Eastern European countries. There are some highly talented programmers out there!

Atrepparttar 117781 end ofrepparttar 117782 day you must do your homework wherever you decide to go.

If you're lucky you may just find a programmer to work for free - just to build their portfolio! When you've finally selected your programmer you need to do these things:

- Agree a price. - Agree a timescale for completion. - Agree a payout schedule. - Agree a contract forrepparttar 117783 project.

5. "It's all inrepparttar 117784 packaging" What documentation are you giving with your new software? Tutorials? A basic set up guide? An A-Z reference file? I would suggest all 3 and you're covered.

Be sure to make it all as easy to read as possible.

6. "Promotion is essential!"

Now it's make it or break it time.

Keep in mind as with your software you need to plan your site with great care and inrepparttar 117785 smallest possible detail.

Forrepparttar 117786 best results create a direct response website which answers every question your potential customers may have.

Always emphasiserepparttar 117787 benefits and use every opportunity you can to collect email addresses to follow up on. You could offer a demo or a 30 day free trial. What about a walk through showing screen shots? There are so many things you can do here!

To really succeed here are 7 key ingredients to creating your very own software empire:

1. A series of "hot" software products 2. A website that gets people to "click." 3. A regular involvement in joint ventures. 4. A useful, selling machine ezine. 5. An affiliate sales force doing most ofrepparttar 117788 selling. 6. A viral marketing campaign. 7. An automated sales and delivery process.

Whilstrepparttar 117789 above isn't a definitive guide it should give you a good idea about what's involved and how you can easily dorepparttar 117790 same.


Brian Terry is the author and creator of http://softwaresecrets.5-minute-reviews.com/empire "Discover How to Build Your Own Software Empire Even If You Can't Write a Line of Code" Just send a blank email here: mailto:topsoftware@5-minute-reviews.com

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