How To Build Your Money-Making Email List

Written by Kevin Nunley

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3. Create a contest and have people subscribe to your newsletter as a requirement for entry. Of course, you will give them a chance to unsubscribe afterrepparttar contest is over, but most will opt to keep receiving your messages.

Now let me get all gloomy and say a few words about purchasing lists of names. Lists of addresses you buy, even fromrepparttar 109602 best of sources, usually don't work very well. For some reasonrepparttar 109603 immense power of an email list doesn't kick in until people learn about you, THEN sign up to get your information. It doesn't work very well to send information to people who have never heard of you. You can send and send until you're blue inrepparttar 109604 face and very few will ever buy anything.

OK, all sounds good. But where do you getrepparttar 109605 information to send to your list? "Kevin, you're a WRITER. This stuff is easy for you. But I HATE to write!" I can hear you cry. And that's exactly why you should use my articles, orrepparttar 109606 articles of any other writer who will let you (and most will if you also include their contact information atrepparttar 109607 end ofrepparttar 109608 article).

Subscribe to lists that coverrepparttar 109609 same kind of information you do. When you see a great article, emailrepparttar 109610 author and ask for permission to reprint it. You can also paraphrase information you find. Just putrepparttar 109611 information in your own words.

List building is highly effective, but it's not a get-rich-quick method. It often takes a full year to get your list up torepparttar 109612 point where it starts getting results for you. It could take several years before it becomes a source of income that seriously changes your lifestyle. But inrepparttar 109613 scope of things, that's a pretty quick way to achieverepparttar 109614 success you deserve.

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Sending Commercial Email

Written by Dawn Gray

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Unfortunately, people are becoming wary of giving out their email addresses. They get too much email as it is. Your offer must be compelling to convince them to hand over contact information. Even then, don't expectrepparttar email addresses to pour in unless you already receive a lot of traffic.

"Isn't There An Easier Way?"

I knew you'd ask that. There is another way to send information about your website via email, but you might not be able to get an exclusive ad. You can pay a small amount of money (some are even free!) for an advertisement in a newsletter, like this one. More people read newsletters than stand-alone commercial advertisements, since they generally have useful information. The list is built for you, and you can find one for almost any target audience imaginable.

There are numerous directories of ezines, many of which include information about advertising in email newsletters. My list is located nearrepparttar 109601 bottom of Also, considerrepparttar 109602 newsletters you already subscribe to. Chances are, many are related to your website's topic and are targeted atrepparttar 109603 same audience. Just scroll torepparttar 109604 bottom for information on advertising opportunities or contactrepparttar 109605 editor about it.

(For advertising information for this newsletter, send a blank email to )

There are many types of newsletter advertising, from stand-alone ads which are sent independently ofrepparttar 109606 newsletter to one or two line "classifieds" crowded together atrepparttar 109607 end. Make sure you know what your options are and what you're getting by subscribing torepparttar 109608 newsletter in advance. The things to look for are quality content and little competition (you don't want to be on page 3 of a 5 page advertising section).

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