How To Build Permission Based Email Lists

Written by Andre Plessis

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13. Promote Your Email Newsletter in Other Company Publications . Promote online newsletters in print newsletters, magazines and catalogs.

14. Promote Newsletter Subscriptions in Trade Show Lead Generation Forms . Obtain permission to send your monthly newsletter.

15. Include Opt-in Information on Customer Satisfaction Surveys . Ask permission to communicate valuable information, email newsletters and promotions.

16. Include Opt-in Forms in Product Shipping Boxes . Advertise email promotions on packing slips and direct mail cards with links to your site.


Always obtain permission withrepparttar confirmed (double) opt-in method for online contacts. For offline contacts, update your database with when, where and howrepparttar 143272 contact was initiated. Confirm their permission inrepparttar 143273 first email. You can use a list company such as or an autoresponder such as to get them to confirm their subscription with you.

Obtain email, postal address, name, format preference (HTML, Text) and demographics such as interests/preferences.

Convince potential subscribers ofrepparttar 143274 valuable benefits they will receive.

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Give the folks at Google What they Want

Written by Rick Hendershot

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This practice makes a mockery ofrepparttar importance of links. Their only purpose is to exploitrepparttar 143205 system and make a dramatic impact on Page Rank and Search Engine positioning. Google wants Page Rank and search results to flow from website quality and relevance. And virtually all SEO experts have maintained that quality and relevance come fairly gradually as a site grows and its content develops. The "natural" development of links should happen more or less in lock step withrepparttar 143206 development of content.

This does not mean thatrepparttar 143207 importance of links has been diminished. Justrepparttar 143208 opposite. Google is reconfirming their position thatrepparttar 143209 number and quality of links pointing at specific web pages isrepparttar 143210 most significant indicator ofrepparttar 143211 importance of that web page.

Nor does it mean that a webmaster should never buy links on legitimate websites. Onrepparttar 143212 contrary, it means that links should be acquired and developed consistently and steadily over time, and thatrepparttar 143213 quality of your link partners matters more than ever. This applies whether your links arerepparttar 143214 result of exchanges, purchases, blogging, article publishing, or any ofrepparttar 143215 other established techniques for building traffic through linking.

When you are looking for link partners you should look atrepparttar 143216 quality ofrepparttar 143217 sites linking back to you. Ask yourself how relevant isrepparttar 143218 content inrepparttar 143219 pages, what isrepparttar 143220 balance between content and links, how often are these pages updated, how much traffic do these pages get, do these pages link to "authority" sites like Google, Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, Microsoft.

All of these things matter more now than they ever have.

Rick Hendershot publishes the Linknet Marketing Network, a group of more than 35 websites and blogs offering web owners advertising and link promotion opportunities.

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