How To Build An Email List As An Affiliate

Written by David Lake

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Imagine if you had that list of prospects. You could turn some of those 100 leads into printer sales next month, and earn yourself some more commission.

But as it stands right now, you have no way of capturing those 100 leads yourself. You can only send people to your affiliate link, and those visitors really do business with your merchant.

And that's exactlyrepparttar problem. Every prospect you refer to any merchant you promote for really becomes their prospect, and not yours.

But what if there was a way to capturerepparttar 147471 contact information from many ofrepparttar 147472 people who click on your affiliate links.

Now every time you advertise and get a lead or a sale for a merchant, you would actually be building your email list.

So you are building your email list forrepparttar 147473 future, and not just working for pennies giving away leads to your merchants.

This is just a much better way to promote products as an affiliate. To find our more about how to do this you need to go check out this affiliate marketer's software:

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10 Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Commissions

Written by helene malmsio

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6. Advertiserepparttar product you're reselling in your signature file. Use an attention getting headline and a good reason for them to visit your affiliate site. Make sure your sig file doesn't go over 5 lines.

7. Join a web ring. It should attractrepparttar 147262 same type of people that would be interested in buyingrepparttar 147263 product you're reselling. You could also trade links on your own with other related web sites.

8. Participate on web discussion boards. Post your comments, answer other people's questions, and ask your own questions. Include your affiliate text link under each message you post.

9. Create a free ezine. Use your ezine to advertiserepparttar 147264 affiliate programs you've joined. Submit your ezine to online ezine directories and promote it on your web site.

10. Start a private web site. Use it as a free bonus if people buyrepparttar 147265 product you resell. You could also allow people to join for free and you could advertiserepparttar 147266 affiliate program you've joined. ----

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