How To Build A Solid Income With Classified Ads!

Written by John Colanzi

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3. Set up an autoresponder account to handle inquiries.

4. Prepare a sales letter for your autoresponder. If you need help writing a sales letter readrepparttar Free online book "Magic Letters." http:/

5. Start out with Free Ezine Ads.

6. Once you start making a profit fromrepparttar 101180 free ads, begin using paid advertising. You should set aside 50% of all profits for use in pyramiding your ads. If you can afford it, you should plow back 100% profits forrepparttar 101181 first 6 months.

If you do this on a consistent basis, your business will expand beyond you're wildest dreams.

Don't take this report lightly. It's simple to follow and it will work.

Wishing You Success

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How To Write Better Ads That Pull More Response

Written by Joe Bingham

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Better Ad

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Fragments are easier to read, and therefore more likely to be read. At a glance, a reader can distinguish betweenrepparttar individual points made, and easily read through each benefit. Plus, any words that catch their attention will be of value.

This ad is more eye catching, easier to understand, and WILL have better response than ads that are an entire paragraph of text.

The Internet, and especially in marketing, is overloaded with information. To stand out, you simply can't try to provide all information in 5 lines, or even in 5 paragraphs. Start withrepparttar 101179 best highlights, and then lead into further detail after you have capturedrepparttar 101180 reader's attention.

English teachers everywhere will be cringing, butrepparttar 101181 fact ofrepparttar 101182 matter is fragmentation is a good thing onrepparttar 101183 Internet.

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