How To Build A Mailing List Of 100,000 FREE And Make A Huge Profit!

Written by Ross Reyman

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Get an account at these firsts. Each group had different rules so when you join it will be explained to you. I do not recommend topica.

YOUR LIST IS SET UP. You have chosen a dynamic name and are ready to promote. You must spend at least 1 hour per day working on your success. One advantage of this type of list is thatrepparttar ads are not read untilrepparttar 117855 member check his or her email. You can post 24/7 and still get respond. Here are 6 methods of promoting your list.

a) OTHER MAILING LISTS. Occasionally, I spot a dynamic ad asking me to join. You should saverepparttar 117856 better messages and incorporaterepparttar 117857 best elements of each. You can post to 10 other mailing lists in 20 minutes or less.

b) INVITE. Some groups have a system that your can invite customers that you already have and even use name from other lists. You can invite those already on your lists.

c) WORLD SUBMITTER. On this site, you can post to classified and ffa/links. Join FREE at

d) ON YOUR WEB SITE. If you are just beginning, you will receive only a few members joining per week. Write your own ad and be patience. It all adds up.

e) THE GROUP DIRECTORY. This can be both helpful and destructive. Yahoo and others have a directory of groups. Some persons see their listings and think that members will join from that. Most advertisers will look atrepparttar 117858 first 5 pages and join only these. You will not receive many until you have 300-600 members and then you will receive a few per day from then on.


WHERE IS THE MONEY? From mailing torepparttar 117859 list as you build your list. Your might make a mailing to draw persons to your web site. What I call piggy back email is a collection of about 6-8 offers or affiliates are popular. You will have to work on this, but vary your offers. Some will make more thanrepparttar 117860 penny or two mentioned above.

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Make Time For Family

Written by Terri Seymour

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3. Organize your time. This simple yet effective task will enable to do much more work and have more family time than just going from one thing to another, trying to figure out what to do next.

4. Exercise. This is another thing you can do with family or solo. Go for a nice brisk walk or hop on your bike and go for a ride. Exercise is a great stress reducer and it also helps refresh your mind.

5. Get involved with your kids lives. Talk to them. By doing this you will feel much more in control in your personal and work life. This will give you a stability you might not feel otherwise.

6. Have a date night with your hubby/wife or sweetheart. Sometimes we get lost in our lives and don't take time to really be with each other. To do this is extremely important because if we are happier and more relaxed with our mate, that feeling will spill out into other areas of our lives, making us more productive.

7. Take a day off from your computer. Go out forrepparttar day with your family and do not even think about email or websites or business of any kind. After such a day, you will be refreshed and ready to get back to work.

You can find more info and ideas here:

Besides many other things, having Web Success has instilled in me just how important family is. No matter what life throws at you, always make time for family!!

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