How To Boost Your Keyword Density On Your Web Site To Gain Top Positions At The Search Engines

Written by Rich Hamilton, Jr

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Example #1

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If you were to use this type of linking in Example #1. The Search Engines would pick allrepparttar "Click Here" hyper links and would think thatrepparttar 128137 words "click here" are keywords that describerepparttar 128138 content of your web site.

So remove allrepparttar 128139 "Click Here's" and replace them with keywords that describe your web site. That isrepparttar 128140 only way to increase your keyword density when you are using links. You should end up with something like this in Example #2:

Example #2

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Part 3: Images

First of all if you have images on your web site,repparttar 128141 images don't mean squat torepparttar 128142 Search Engines. Whenrepparttar 128143 Search Engines robots crawl your web site, those images are nothing more than blank spots. The same blank spots are shown torepparttar 128144 surfers that have arrived on your web site withrepparttar 128145 images turned off. You'll find that many surfers surfrepparttar 128146 web with images turned off.

This is whererepparttar 128147 alternate tag (ALT Tag) comes into play. The ALT tag is used to describe your image torepparttar 128148 surfers that surfrepparttar 128149 web with images off and most importantly, improves your keyword density. Here is an example of how to installrepparttar 128150 ALT tag in your images:

My Graphic Description

When describingrepparttar 128151 image you want to be very descriptive and use keywords. Most people don't install their ALT Tag properly, for instance, on their logo image they'll use "My Logo" inrepparttar 128152 ALT Tag. Which isrepparttar 128153 wrong way to effectively userepparttar 128154 ALT Tag, there are no keywords in "My Logo".

Author Of "Inside Internet Marketing"

Increase Web Site Traffic with Link Popularity

Written by Jason Bruce

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Once you are ready to start exchanging links with other Web sites, it is best to look for sites that are inrepparttar same general category as your site. The accepted method of obtaining reciprocal links is to userepparttar 128136 search engines and directories to find sites that you would like to link to. Create a list of Web sites and send an email to each Webmaster, complimenting their site, and asking politely if they would like to trade links with you. You should also includerepparttar 128137 URL of your ‘Links’ page so they can see where their link will be listed. Once you have agreed to exchange links, you should also send each other brief descriptions of your Web sites to be included withrepparttar 128138 link.

Free Link Popularity Check Knowing how many Web sites link to you is a key factor in monitoring your link popularity. Sencia's Internet Marketing team uses 'Link Popularity Check' on a monthly basis to check repparttar 128139 number of Web sites linking to as well as our clients Web sites.

There are several freeware programs available that checkrepparttar 128140 link popularity of your Web site. You can quickly find out how many people link to your site, how many sites link to your competitors and how you compare to other popular sites.

To find Link Popularity software, simply go to your favourite search engine and use "Free Link Popularity Software" as your keyphrase.

Jason Bruce has been involved with Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, Web development and Graphic design since 1998. Jason is the Manager of Creative and Marketing Services for Sencia Canada Ltd., a Web development firm located in Thunder Bay, Ontario. For more information about Jason Bruce and Sencia Canada Ltd., please visit

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