How To Boost Traffic To Your Blog:How to write a better blog?

Written by Ryen Kim

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  • Write fresh content.
    Don't just copy from others. This not only troubles you in legal matter but also makes your readers leave you. If you find less traffic comes to your blog though you write every day, check whether you're posting fresh content.
    Fresh content doesn't mean that it should deal with brand new item. It does mean that new point of view, additional point of view, or even imitation of topic but filled with recreated content.
  • Provide internal link within your blog.
    If you have related post to other post, link each other within your blog content. This helps your reader find more information out of your blog, stay with you longer and even come back to you again.
    Furthermore, it is one of SEO techniques. By doing inter link you can have more back links, though they are less valuable than external inbound links. More technically it can be used to improverepparttar page rank of certain blog. For example, suppose you have 5 related post, 4 have page rank 4 andrepparttar 137571 other page rank 0. If you want to increase that page rank of 0, you link allrepparttar 137572 other 4 posts to that post. It'll surely improverepparttar 137573 page rank ofrepparttar 137574 lowest one. But be aware that when you link backrepparttar 137575 higher page rank post may not keeprepparttar 137576 original page rank. So do it under your plan and do it moderately. Don't abuse this technique because search engines may consider you as a search engine spammer.
    The bottom line is that moderate is always good.
  • Inrepparttar 137577 second bullet, I wrote "You provide new information and they will come." Oops, it's WRONG! They don't come. They don't know whether you provided new information at all. You have to let them know you wrote new information. This is related torepparttar 137578 topic that how to optimize your post search engine friendly. If you want know more about this topic, you may want to read Search engine optimization for bloggers.

    Ryen Kim is an MBA, specialized in marketing research and analysis. His current focus is blogging and home based affiliate business as a work-at-home scheme. He is a founder of Blog Sites and running Hom Based Affiliate Business web site.

    Does Google Hire "Mad Scientists?"

    Written by Jim Edwards

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    Log on to and clickrepparttar "Google Suggest" link (currently third link fromrepparttar 137557 top onrepparttar 137558 left side ofrepparttar 137559 page).

    This link takes you to a search page where, as you type in your keyword phrase, Google will make additional suggestions on related search terms you should consider.

    Other gizmos inrepparttar 137560 Google "lab" include: Google Maps. Google Desktop, and Google Scholar.

    ** Recent Graduates From The "Lab" **

    Some recent graduates ofrepparttar 137561 Google Lab include:

    "Web Alerts" - Log on to to receive an email notification any time a new web page or news article entersrepparttar 137562 Google database containing a search phrase you specify.

    This provides an excellent means to quickly find new sites that mention anything from your favorite movie star to use of a trademarked product name you want to monitor.

    "Search By Location" - Log on to to find local businesses and other interesting information based on geography.

    A search on "printing" in "norge, va" immediately brought uprepparttar 137563 Printwell printer I use, and a search for "mexican" in "lightfoot, va" turned up my favorite Mexican restaurant.

    Also, a search for "museum" in "williamsburg, va" turned up some very interesting places I didn't know existed, even though we live in a tourist town.

    I actually doubt that Google hires mad scientists, but byrepparttar 137564 looks of allrepparttar 137565 projects they have going, it's safe to say they hire extremely creative people who like to pushrepparttar 137566 boundaries of technology.

    Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the co-author of an amazing new ebook that will teach you how to use fr^e articles to quickly drive thousands of targeted visitors to your website, affiliate links, or blogs... Click Here to Turn Words Into Traffic

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