How To Boost Profits From Your Free Ebook

Written by Dirk Dupon

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If you use an affiliate link, do this so your readers will not realize you are trying to sell them something.

You can "recommended" or "review" a product. Tell your readers what you liked aboutrepparttar product that you endorse, and whatrepparttar 149610 product can do for THEIR business!

When you do this, be sure to select a product that offers value -or assistance- to your target market.

If you do this, you will gain TRUST.

Without trust, your business is doomed to fail!

Here's one example:

Suppose your Ebook or special report contains tips and recipes to make better cakes.

Your Ebook will cater to people who like to cook, so you can include a link to a bookstore that sells cooking books, or a company that sells cooking material.

There's nothing wrong doing this. It will be accepted, and sometimes appreciated.

Just don't EVER try to sell a product that you wouldn't buy yourself, or your reputation will be destroyed forever!

Got this? Okay, now never forget it! :-)

Happy promoting!

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How To Write An Ebook

Written by Crystal Paine

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If you are planning to sell a lot of your ebooks and you want to have an affiliate program (which I highly recommend you do), ClickBank is an excellent program to consider using ( They charge a $50 fee to set up your ebook and they take out a small percentage of each sale, but they will give you wide exposure for you ebook which you will probably not be able to generate from your website.

In order to sell your ebook online, you need to have a website. It can be something extremely simple as just a two page sales-letter-type of website. There are multitudes of website options available out there. I would recommend starting out with something extremely simple. If you know nothing about html, you could hire someone to create it for you or you could use something like Create Your Own Website. Make sure that you put testimonials on your website from people who have purchased your ebook (you can give away some copies in exchange for testimonials!). Testimonials add a lot of credential , especially ifrepparttar people who write them have their own website or business in a similar field.

Crystal Paine is a 23-year-old homeschool graduate from Topeka, Kansas. She is the blessed wife of Jesse and happy mother of Kathrynne. She has written a number of books and ebooks. Visit her website: for information on her ebooks and many more work-at-home ideas and information.

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