How To Become an Information SuperStar

Written by Michael Patton

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A newbie who needs info will go to a search engine. I even cut my teeth working at a very successful search engine site, ( These sights are great, especially for newbies. But what about experts?

An expert who needs critical info (Which anti virus program won't take over my computer and be worse than an actual infection? Will this video card be compatible with my motherboard? Linux or Windows 2000 Professional, please help?) might do is to bypassrepparttar hit and mostly miss search engines and go directly torepparttar 119105 newsgroups, and ask their question and hold their breath waiting for an answer (which might take minutes or days, depending on whetherrepparttar 119106 busy experts feel like answering it).

But here's what a "Meta" Expert would do. He/She would go to, click onrepparttar 119107 usenet link and type their query, such asrepparttar 119108 name of their video card andrepparttar 119109 name of their motherboard, and chances are (very good, actually) that some other desperate soul--who has suffered a thousand crashes and cursed a thousand Gates--has already askedrepparttar 119110 same question, and several "experts" have already come to their aid with relevant answers. All you have to do is find a thread which looks good, click onrepparttar 119111 "view thread" link and bingo, you've struck an information mother lode where you can peruse a whole thread (crosslinked history of a discussion), filled with tips from stone cold experts in that particular field. People who LIVE for motherboards. Believe me, they're out there.

You're atrepparttar 119112 top ofrepparttar 119113 Food Chain now, Baby!

Two years ago, I was afraid to open up my computer and install an internal Zip Drive. Now, I'm a bios flashing, hard drive partitioning, motherboard overclocking hoodlum with three entirely home built, networked systems, strapped with 200 gigabytes of storage space, processing and pumping out dogumentary dogudrama video forrepparttar 119114 masses., eat my shorts. I take that back, maybe we can be partners some day? C'mon, gimmie a break here, I'm just trying to sell an article? Go Mavs!

Now I even have Hollywood sites like LOADTV ( contacting me, thinking I'm a big company, asking me to provide content for them.

I couldn't have become such an info SuperStar alone. Sure, being talented and born for it helps, but I still could not have done it withoutrepparttar 119115 help of experts aroundrepparttar 119116 world, at my beck and call, free forrepparttar 119117 consulting, 24 hrs. a day, on Deja News. Instead of sifting throughrepparttar 119118 infoglut, rise above it and studyrepparttar 119119 people atrepparttar 119120 precipice ofrepparttar 119121 edifice, yes those who have already been there, done that, and distilled it for you. The Experts.

Michael Patton Dog Game SuperStar All Purpose Phenom, who has been published in the Philadelphia Inquirer and several other publications with articles on sport, science, satire, biotechnology, dogs and more.

Bad and ill-informed Press Scares the Purchasing Public

Written by Dave Wisson

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I do not advocate that there is not a problem with some transmissions of personal and confidential information overrepparttar Internet. However, ifrepparttar 119104 purchasing public were made aware ofrepparttar 119105 fact that there is a safe, secure facility that reputable sites use,repparttar 119106 chances are that confidence in this vast market may begin to develop.

Things to look for in a website that sell a product overrepparttar 119107 Internet.

1. Secure website trading. A padlock inrepparttar 119108 bottom right ofrepparttar 119109 payment page. 2. The Link ink torepparttar 119110 secure payment page should be prefixed with an 'S' i.e. shtml:// rather than just html:// 3. Is there information aboutrepparttar 119111 bank, who's facilities are used onrepparttar 119112 website? Ifrepparttar 119113 website is a reputable one, then there is generally a link to, or information aboutrepparttar 119114 Merchant Bank thatrepparttar 119115 Web Company is in partnership with. 4. Do not be afraid to ask eitherrepparttar 119116 website owner orrepparttar 119117 merchant bank for more information about their facilities. Ifrepparttar 119118 information is slow in coming or does not come at all, do not make your purchase.

Withrepparttar 119119 Internet 'BOOM' fizzling out to a muffled 'bang'! Now is a good time to placerepparttar 119120 bad press and misinformation to one side. Purchasing overrepparttar 119121 Internet can be safe as long as you take care and heedrepparttar 119122 danger signs.

Dave Wisson Re-tune your Web Browser to A world of entertainment and Ideas. Global Publishing Bureau.

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