How To Become a Mortgage Broker

Written by David A. Wells

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You have to understand loan processing.

Processing a loan is an exercise in navigating a bureaucracy. It takes patience and a different mindset than you need when you deal with your clients. Put inrepparttar effort to makerepparttar 138883 personal relationships with decision makers at your favorite will pay off in concrete, financially measurable, ways.

The best way to establish yourself as a professional is thorough expert knowledge. Studyrepparttar 138884 loan process from front to back and really learnrepparttar 138885 in's and out's of funding a loan. It will give you insight and perspective onrepparttar 138886 business that will enable you to offer better service, faster closings and a smoother process to your clients.

You have to use effective marketing.

Without effective marketing you won't have any prospects to sell to. It'srepparttar 138887 marketing that brings in prospects. Your mortgage business, indeed...all businesses, depend on it for their very survival.

But marketing can do much more for you than help you survive. If done carefully, methodically and scientifically, marketing can propel your mortgage business to levels of financial success you never dared imagine.

Effective marketing can build a mortgage business into a cash cow...sales and loan processing can't. The greatest success inrepparttar 138888 mortgage business can be hadrepparttar 138889 quickest by masteringrepparttar 138890 art and science of mortgage marketing.

This is a great industry. It offers allrepparttar 138891 opportunity you could ever want. True wealth awaits those who apply proven methods to their mortgage business.


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The Myths and Truths of Retirement

Written by Joanne Wiley

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Grandma Moses, renowned folk artist, started painting at 78 because her fingers were too stiff to continue with embroidery.

Pablo Picasso’s 90th birthday was celebrated with an exhibition atrepparttar Louvre in 1971-repparttar 138718 first time a living artist had ever shown there.

5.AARP reports that 80% of boomers plan to work during retirement. Hurray, people are recognizing that we have to be active with a degree of risk to be healthy and stay healthy.

People who have had a great deal of stress at work have a shock when they retire. It is like taking a fine sports car, like a Ferrari and sitting it in a parking lot, in park, with a weight onrepparttar 138719 gas pedal so that it revs without a load. Soon it self-destructs. So do we.

An example: This spring we met Don, a retired IBM executive who retired 4 years ago. Don handles his retirement by consulting part time and traveling in a motor coach with his wife, Sue. Don shared that 2/3 of his peers died within 2 years of their retirement.

Alan, another retiree described how three of them retiredrepparttar 138720 same day, and his 2 colleagues cleaned out their desks and sat there by their phone hoping someone would call and cancel their retirement. Both had heart attacks within 6 months of retiring. Alan chose to part time consult and travel.

For many men, it was notrepparttar 138721 work that killed them butrepparttar 138722 emptiness of retirement. Golfing, fishing and visiting children are not enough.

6.Many retirees are looking for personal growth, activity, purpose. In 2000,repparttar 138723 University of Arizona conducted a study of what baby boomers wanted in housing.

Large numbers had moved away fromrepparttar 138724 retirement community concept to integrated communities involving families, seniors together. They wanted an active lifestyle and a sense of community, where they could give to others, volunteering and sharing.

7.Connecting to what makes you passionate and purposeful bringsrepparttar 138725 greatest degree of joy, health and life satisfaction.

Don, when an airline pilot in his 50’s was grounded. “I was lost, devastated. That incident helped me to see that I needed a purpose in retirement too,” he stated. He loved people, and on his holidays often walked around looking at houses. He combinedrepparttar 138726 two by selling real estate. He has been successful too, and enjoys mentoring new real estate agents.

Joanne Wiley: co-owner of Full Life Seminars with her husband Hugh, also seminar leader and writer discussing how to find passion and purpose in your life at any stage, but especially at that unique time known as retirement. Find more information at their website

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