How To Become Qualified As A Proofreader

Written by Niall Cinneide

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As someone who is trying to break into a major career, you will need to adequately train yourself, prove yourself and provide work that people will come back for. With so many people takingrepparttar proof reading qualifications that are needed as a joke, it is no wonder that more and more companies are stressingrepparttar 141075 need for proper training. Freelancingrepparttar 141076 work is one thing. You still must be dedicatedrepparttar 141077 entire way onrepparttar 141078 path to stepping intorepparttar 141079 world and career of proofreading.

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Overcoming Writer’s Block – 7 Methods That Work

Written by Associated Content

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Lower Your Standards

Avoid perfectionism onrepparttar first draft and do not stop when you’ve made a mistake. Keep going, mistakes and all and just write. Do not try to edit while you write. This comes later. Let your first draft be a free flow of ideas, thoughts and concepts leavingrepparttar 141038 “critical editor” part of yourself for later. Just think to yourself that perfection is not to be tolerated onrepparttar 141039 first draft. After you’ve completely finished writingrepparttar 141040 first draft, then it is time to bring put on your editor hat and startrepparttar 141041 rewriting process. Don’t jumprepparttar 141042 gun, though, asrepparttar 141043 conflict of trying to write and edit atrepparttar 141044 same time causes many cases of writer’s block. Keep these two tasks separate.

Clean House Literally and Figuratively

Sometimes writers will start a writing project but become stuck over a particular line or paragraph that just isn’t working. Either delete this or copy and paste it into a new document and save it for later. Don’t let a line or paragraph disruptrepparttar 141045 flow of your writing. Get rid of it. Clean house.

In addition, sometimes a writer’s messy surrounding will reflect on their ability to write. Take a break to clean up your writing area. If you work from home, take a break to clean house. Many timesrepparttar 141046 act of cleaning and throwing outrepparttar 141047 old will open us up torepparttar 141048 new, such as new ideas, thoughts or perspectives. Cleaning house literally and figuratively can help sweep away writer’s block.

Take an “Art” Break

Take a break to draw, paint, sculpt, collage or any other right brain artistic endeavor. Sometimes a writer’s brain can get out of balance with allrepparttar 141049 stimulation and activity that is happening onrepparttar 141050 left side. Taking a right brain artistic break will help balance this activity out. You may even wish to paint yourself and then write. Kooky, offbeat ideas that get you out ofrepparttar 141051 norm will work wonders for conquering writer’s block.

Overcoming writer’s block is something that most writers will need to learn how to deal with forrepparttar 141052 long haul. One method may work for you now and a different one inrepparttar 141053 future. It will be handy to have these methods at your fingertips. Print out these methods for future use and share them with other writers, writer’s groups and clubs. Writers need to stick together and this isrepparttar 141054 eighth method for overcoming writer’s block, which is to put together a support group to help overcome it.

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