How To Become A Powerful Affiliate Marketer In 10 Minutes

Written by Roy Chan

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#2: Become Obsessed with Testing and Tracking If you aren't testing and tracking absolutely everything - and I mean everything from your keywords, your ppc ads, your web site copy and any thing else you can think of to test/track,repparttar odds are stacked against you. Successful affiliates are maniacal about testing and tracking every detail of their campaigns. They are details oriented and use all of their collected data to refine their entire system on a day to day basis. #3: Innovate and Update Constantly Keep your approach fresh by testing new conversion tactics. If you rely on PPC engines for advertising, start throwing in e-zine advertising intorepparttar 136298 mix. If that doesn't producerepparttar 136299 desired results, investigate banner ads, classified ads, message boards, offline media and anything else you can think of to get your message across. Don't rely on one conversion channel. If you send your prospects direct torepparttar 136300 merchant, change up your campaign and start sending leads to your own web site and start collecting email addresses. Experiment with your content and your web copy. Try out different link headlines. Never settle forrepparttar 136301 familiar. Tweak everything until you've squeezedrepparttar 136302 maximum conversion power out of it. #4: Pay Attention torepparttar 136303 Industry and Communicate with Other Affiliates The world of affiliate marketing changes every day. There is always a new tactic to implement, a change inrepparttar 136304 rules at one advertising service or another, a serious technology failure at one of your merchant's sites and so on. Even though affiliate marketers are rabidly competitive group, they are also quite helpful and willing to trade information and tips with one another. You should bookmarkrepparttar 136305 following sites and make a point of visiting them weekly if not daily: Tip 5 - The Importance of Building a List Out of allrepparttar 136306 possible approaches to affiliate marketing, lead capture and list building representsrepparttar 136307 smartest and most effective option. Why? A lost visitor is a lost sale. A lost visitor isrepparttar 136308 loss of potential repeat sales. Think of it this way: you're putting time and money into your advertising. If you aren't capturing your visitor's email addresses, you're basically throwing all of that traffic right downrepparttar 136309 drain. When you capture your visitors to your list, you open a whole new world of profit opportunities - not just forrepparttar 136310 short term, but forrepparttar 136311 long term as well. The Benefits of List Marketing • You can educate your prospects. This will increase your conversion rate by giving yourepparttar 136312 opportunity to turn hesitant prospects into enthusiastic customers. • You can market to your prospects over and over again. Your long term profit potential exists in repeat sales. Never work for “just one sale”. • You can double your return on investment while lowering your advertising costs. Once you've got a list in place, you don't have to limit your offerings to just affiliate product. You can bring in any additional, related products of interest to your list and make sales immediately without going throughrepparttar 136313 same advertising process all over again. Can you seerepparttar 136314 benefits yet? Why spend money over and over again sending people torepparttar 136315 same page and “hoping for a sale”, when you can capture them to your list and have full control overrepparttar 136316 conversion process? Any other approach leaves you atrepparttar 136317 mercy ofrepparttar 136318 merchant's web copy andrepparttar 136319 customer's mindset at first contact. You've got to lure your prospects in and expose them your message multiple times. This will save you so much time and money you'll wonder why you ever did it any other way. Tip 6 - Advanced Topics We've come torepparttar 136320 last day ofrepparttar 136321 course, and it's time to tie uprepparttar 136322 loose ends and cover some advanced topics. As you know by now, affiliate marketing can be incredibly rewarding when done properly. There are also a lot of pitfalls you need to watch out for as well. One of these is merchant fraud. Merchant fraud, unfortunately, does happen. Merchants can use any number of clever tactics to cheat you out of your commission. One of these methods is to offer multiple payment options to customers without linking each one to their affiliate tracking software. For example, let's say that a merchant offers credit payments, payment via Paypal and payment via check torepparttar 136323 customer. The merchant tracks your affiliate ID up torepparttar 136324 point of sale and credits you ifrepparttar 136325 customer chooses to pay via credit card throughrepparttar 136326 merchant's main payment gateway. However, ifrepparttar 136327 customer chooses Paypal or check, your affiliate ID is immediately tossed. The only way around this clever trick is an exercise of caution on your part. When you evaluate a potential affiliate program, check to see how many payment methodsrepparttar 136328 merchant offers. Secondly, after you sign up for an account, examine you referral links. In fact, if you haverepparttar 136329 budget to spare, follow your own link and choose one ofrepparttar 136330 alternate payment options and purchase a product. Did you get credit for that sale? Great! If you didn't receive credit, though, it's time to can that merchant and move on to more ethical waters. Here's another 'advanced' tip to consider: use affiliate networks like Commission Junction to evaluate potential merchants. Joining programs via a network is often a better choice than signing up at individual, non-networked sites. The reason is simple: membership in an affiliate network imposes stricter standards on merchant behavior. You also have access to a wealth of data onrepparttar 136331 overall performance of other affiliates in that merchant's program. Last but not least, you need to focus on building trust among potential customers. If your merchant site doesn't do a very good job of this, then send your visitors to your web site. Make it clear what products and/or information you have to offer. Also, be vigilant about posting your contact information in a prominent place. Anonymity might be fun in a chat room, but it turns off consumers very quickly. For an extra advantage, consider having your site evaluated “net cop” programs likerepparttar 136332 one at, and get your site listed inrepparttar 136333 online section ofrepparttar 136334 Better Business Bureau's web site. Tip 7 - Let's Work On it! Now you are fully equipped, let's do some work today and rake in profits together!

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Written by Alec Brown

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