How To Be 100% Sure That Your New Product Is A Winner

Written by Nick James

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Don't worry too much about how, or whyrepparttar punters didn't buy your product. You will probably never work this out... I never can!

The greatest mail-order gurus inrepparttar 135308 world often find themselves scratching their heads in disbelief at what works, and what fails. They are continually amazed that their 'dead-cert' product flops completely, and their rank outsider, no-hoper product which they whacked-in for a quick test, results in bulging mail-sacks. There is often no rhyme or reason to this. Who knows whyrepparttar 135309 punters will go for a product, or leave it alone? It could be one word inrepparttar 135310 copy, a 'feel',repparttar 135311 picture,repparttar 135312 price, their perception of your ability to deliver.... ANYTHING. You'll never find out.

Nowrepparttar 135313 big difference between a winner, and a loser is thatrepparttar 135314 winner will listen torepparttar 135315 punters no matter what he thinks. Ifrepparttar 135316 punters tell him that his red-hot favorite product is a lame dog, then he'll drop it immediately. Losers will back their hunches right downrepparttar 135317 line until they go broke.

They just know that this product is a winner.... Ifrepparttar 135318 marketing fails, then they attribute it torepparttar 135319 media, orrepparttar 135320 day ofrepparttar 135321 week, orrepparttar 135322 price, orrepparttar 135323 delivery time. They don't believe thatrepparttar 135324 punters could ever reject such a super product. So they promote it again, and again and again until they have lost a very great deal of money. Then they believe. But even after all this, they still harbor a sneaking suspicion that if they'd just alteredrepparttar 135325 coupon shape, or increasedrepparttar 135326 money-back guarantee to 30 days, or........ you getrepparttar 135327 idea....

To Become A Mail-Order Winner, You MUST believerepparttar 135328 punters. They KNOW, you only BELIEVE. This principle can be summarised in this vital concept:


More on this in my next article.

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How do I drive traffic to a brand new website?

Written by Richard Grady

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If you want to attract a decent level of traffic to a brand new website in a short period of time, it is almost a necessity that you use pay-per-click on one ofrepparttar main search engines. If you don't, thenrepparttar 135307 growth of your traffic levels will be painfully slow and inconsistent at best.

When I launched my very first websites I invested heavily in pay-per-click advertising. At one point, I was spending over $6000 a month on Google Adwords alone!!! Seriously I really was spending that much money. It was a constant battle to tweakrepparttar 135308 website sales copy and continue to testrepparttar 135309 advertisement text just to make sure that my sales were coveringrepparttar 135310 advertising payments each month. Atrepparttar 135311 time I was probably just about breaking even but buying traffic in this quantity meant that I was able to fine-tune my sales pages and start to build up a list of mailing list subscribers.

Once you have got torepparttar 135312 stage where you know your sales pages are converting visitors into buyers, then you can start to gear up with other methods of getting traffic to your site - writing articles, linking strategies, viral methods (ebooks etc), using your eBay 'About Me' page, using your link as a signature when you post on forums etc. All of these methods will win you traffic (and in most cases it will be completely free) but it will take time forrepparttar 135313 traffic to build to a worthwhile level. If you rely solely on free traffic, you really will be building your business one hit at a time.

Of course, oncerepparttar 135314 free methods of gaining traffic start to pay off, you can begin to wind down your paid methods, though you may not want to - after all, if you are earning more in sales than you are paying for your pay-per-click traffic, why stop it?

As your portfolio of websites grows, you will also be able to sharerepparttar 135315 traffic around a bit by linking to your own sites and of course, if you are capturing your visitors email addresses, you will be building a mailing list of people interested inrepparttar 135316 products you are offering.

Like I say, I appreciate thatrepparttar 135317 above may not berepparttar 135318 ground-breaking secret that you were hoping for but as with so many things online, there really is no secret. Achieving success is simply about taking action and whilst you can succeed online by spending very little money,repparttar 135319 chances are that you will succeed a lot quicker by making a bit of an investment. You don't have to be spending thousands of dollars a month as I was but any new business owner should be prepared to invest a few hundred dollars a month in order to get things offrepparttar 135320 ground....

Richard Grady has been helping ordinary people earn online since 1998. He writes a free newsletter which is published every two weeks. To subscribe (and claim your free gifts), visit:

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