How To Attract Hummingbirds

Written by Clyde Dennis

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Your hummingbird feeders needs to be cleaned, and nectar changed every 3-4 days. Even more often in hot weather.

If you see black spots inside your feeder this is mold and you will need to scrub it out with a good bottle brush, but if you can't reach it with a bottle brush you can add some sand with water and shakerepparttar feeder to removerepparttar 145368 mold.

You should never use harsh detergent to clean your feeder. Rinse out each time you change your nectar with hot water, and if you do this on a regular basis you should not have a problem with mold insiderepparttar 145369 feeder. Don't fillrepparttar 145370 feeder more than half full, because they won't be able to drink it all before it will need to be changed.

It seems all hummingbird feeders available for purchase these days have red on them, but if you are in doubt that there is enough red, try tying a red ribbon onrepparttar 145371 feeder.

Another way to attract attention to your feeder is to place it among flowers that hummers like, or hang a basket of flowers nearby.

You will find that feeder activity slows as more flowers bloom in your yard. Do not panic! They prefer natural nectar over what we give them in our feeders, so they are still around, and you will see them at your feeders more often, asrepparttar 145372 blooms start to diminish.

If you live inrepparttar 145373 Eastern part ofrepparttar 145374 United States, you’ll find you only have one type of hummingbird that will visit forrepparttar 145375 summer, and that isrepparttar 145376 Ruby-throated. They are very territorial and defend flowers and feeders within their favorite roost spot, so if you want to attract more than one hummer, try putting up 2 or 3 more feeders out of sight from each other. Perhaps on another side of your house.

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Happy humming birding!

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How To Prevent Cat Urine Odor Damage in Rental Property

Written by Nancy E. Wigal

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Ifrepparttar landlord doesn't offer to do cleaning, see if you can negotiate a reduction inrepparttar 145115 rent deposit by offering to dorepparttar 145116 proper cleaning job yourself prior to moving in. This is a win-win situation, and many landlords may take you up on this. This way, you're ensured of having a clean residence that is cat urine odor-free. And, your kitty will continue her good cat litter box habits!

If you can't gain access torepparttar 145117 apartment before moving in to dorepparttar 145118 cleaning, it's not too late to clean once your possessions are in. If you have an understanding friend or family members, ask them if they would board your kitty for a day or two until you can eradicaterepparttar 145119 cat urine odor yourself. If necessary, board your kitty at your local vet's office.

Then, grab your enzyme cleaner, a blacklight (to locaterepparttar 145120 cat urine spots), rags, and towels, and get to work.

Find allrepparttar 145121 spots and clean them thoroughly with your favorite enzyme cleaner. Repeat as necessary.

Welcome your kitty to her new home by setting up her food, water, clean cat litter box, and toys in a room of her own. Let her get accustomed to being inrepparttar 145122 new place by transitioning her from one residence torepparttar 145123 next.

Supervise her movements throughoutrepparttar 145124 new apartment, and make sure she knows exactly where her cat litter box is located.

By accomplishing this, you are breaking a destructive cycle of pet soiling in rental property. Your cat continues to use her cat litter box because she doesn't detect another cat's urine, andrepparttar 145125 property manager has just been handed a gift from you that will save her money from cat urine damage.

The Cat Urine Odor Advisor helps you save money and stop the damage in your household by offering solutions that work together to eliminate cat urine odor from your home.

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