How To Ask For A Pay Rise!

Written by Kim Beardsmore

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5. Back up your position with logic. If you negotiate from a purely emotional position, emotion will sway you from your position. Fear of loss, sense of failure, conflict, pressure, sentiment! All can be applied to sway you from sticking to what you really want.

When negotiating for a pay rise, know what similar companies are paying for similar work. Be absolutely thorough in your research. Sentiment and comparisons with other colleagues (unless backed by evidence of your superior performance) will hold little weight.

Most companies concede to market pressures on salaries sorepparttar more data you have on like jobs in other companies inrepparttar 138931 same industry that support your position,repparttar 138932 greater your chances of success. If you need help in finding comparable salary information, you can start by browsingrepparttar 138933 internet for major recruitment firms. Many of these firms will provide online salary information.

6. Work out what you can concede. Occasionally you may know of something that for you, will not be important but for your boss may be of significance. For example, you may volunteer for an unpopular project you boss is having trouble finding people to undertake. This will be like gold to you! This is a 'sweetener' that can be what clinchesrepparttar 138934 discussion in your favour. You will need to be poker faced and pretend this is a big deal to concede…with still remaining gracious! Save this item forrepparttar 138935 final offer you make. 7. Be prepared. After you have completed your research, rehearse in your mind how you will openrepparttar 138936 discussion and be clear about your major points. The way you put forward your case, with logic and without sentiment will need to be prepared ahead of time. You may find it beneficial to write our your opening on paper to ensure you have it clear within one or two sentences. If you cannot be clear, on paper in private….it is likely you won’t be clear when you start to speak! Preparation is important so make sure you leave yourself adequate time.

Good Luck!

Kim is a busy HR Manager, mother to teenage family and homemaker. She has found balance by replacing her corporate income with a home business. If you are interested in earning $500-$5,000 per month around your schedule, visit:

Escape The Stress!

Written by Kim Beardsmore

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5. Laugh more! Get serious an about humor. Laughter is seriously healing. The special chemicals released when we laugh are nature’s finest form of natural medicine. When you’ve suffered a stressful day, make sure you ‘suffer’ some serious humor inrepparttar evening. Watch a comedy show or film, one you know will produce copious laughter, to counterrepparttar 138929 stress you’ve endured.

6. Treat yourself to a catnap and don’t feel guilty. When your body is pleading for rest, “40 winks” works wonders but only if you don’t feel guilty about this.

7. Get out inrepparttar 138930 fresh air! Drab office,repparttar 138931 whir of computer hard drivesrepparttar 138932 drone of your boss’s demands. Get outside during your lunch break, find a patch of green, some flowers, even wander around a garden center! Lose yourself in nature and feel your tensions dissipate, for a while at least.

8. Live inrepparttar 138933 now. The past is gone, you can’t change it. The future is mysterious and seductive, but only with you in your dreams. What you need is with you NOW so makerepparttar 138934 most of it. Be creative and give everything you’ve got to NOW.

Kim has achieved work balance between her Human Resource Management career and teenage family...with a home business. If you are interested in work-life balance and want to earn $500-$5,000+ per month we would like to hear from you. Full training and ongoing support to ensure your success.

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