How To Advertise for Free: Lesson #1

Written by Edward Gause

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Now preferably, you want to have a more snappy description on line 2 to peakrepparttar interest of readers viewing your sigline. Something like:

Like to write? Get PAID for your articles!... http: //


*How To* Start Your Own Internet Biz Exclusive Step-By Step Online Video http: //

Aren't you curious now? Let me finish up this lesson first and then you can go check outrepparttar 139308 above links!

You want to include this sigline in every e-mail you send, whether it's friends, relatives or associates. You never know who might want to take a look!

In my next lesson, I will show how to use your sigline in forums appropriately and provide you with over 100 forums to visit.

Edward Gause is a relatively new Internet marketer who wants to share his personal do's and don'ts with other newbies. "Don't just tell me what to do, show me how to do it." Learn more about Edward at:

Model Dell: The Art of the Affiliate Coupon

Written by Gary Gray

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The only thing Dell lacks that can benefit affiliate marketing is great landing pages that explicitly outlinerepparttar details ofrepparttar 139288 coupon. Let’s not confuse buyers, instead let’s make sure they know what kind of deal they're getting, and point them to it. The online affiliate and retail community need to pull together to let buyers more easily understandrepparttar 139289 offer they're getting, and landing pages detailing an offer enhance online shopping.

There’s a reason "dell coupon" was searched twice as much as "online coupon" in April (from Yahoo search statistics). It's because not enough affiliates are pushing their products with coupon codes. Retailers should modelrepparttar 139290 Dell affiliate coupons offers; their success comes from many angles.

Gary Gray is a co-owner of You can find dell codes and more from almost any retailer at Coupon Chief!

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