How To Add Emotional Value To Your Offer!

Written by Larry Dotson

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Another way is to mentionrepparttar targeted emotion in your ad copy. For example, remember a time you felt totally excited. Their subconscious mind will search for a time when they felt that way and then will eventually start reliving that emotion.

In conclusion, you want your ad copy to trigger emotions that persuade your prospect to buy your product. First, you must knowrepparttar 100989 targeted emotions, then trigger your prospects imagination or memory to search forrepparttar 100990 emotion and finally they feel or reliverepparttar 100991 emotion and buy.

1000 Ways To Write, Create, Package And Sell Information Products!

How Much Advertising Can a Buck Buy?

Written by Shannan Hearne-Fortner

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Secondly, imagine your excitement when you receive an order form Des Moines, Iowa and then check and see that one of your 100 penny advertising investments is currently floating around Des Moines as well. Talk about a better bang for your buck. Just think, if your Des Moines, Iowa order nets you ten measley dollars that is a 1000% return on your investment.

And don't forget, you already got to spend George just to setrepparttar marketing workhorse into motion. Not a bad investment indeed.

Can you throw all your other marketing efforts outrepparttar 100988 window? Of course not, butrepparttar 100989 next time you see those silly dial around commercials, you can smile and know that you can get a lot more out of a buck than a little twenty minute phone call.

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