How Silence Can help You Close More Sales

Written by Ken Levine

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Encourage your prospects and clients to dorepparttar majority ofrepparttar 140275 talking. Use short statements and questions to encourage your prospects to continue giving you more information. Some examples are. "Tell me more. Can you elaborate on that? Please go on. How long has this been a problem? Could you give me an example of that? How have you tried to fixrepparttar 140276 problem? What isrepparttar 140277 financial impact of this problem?"

Next time you are in a sales situation and you are trying to understandrepparttar 140278 customer's motivations, concerns, problems, pains and challenges, pretend what they are saying will be on a test. Listen 70-80% ofrepparttar 140279 time.

Don't be too surprised if your closing ratio increases as your talking decreases. An "A" on this test is a closed sale. B's and C's don't count.

"Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly" - Robert F. Kennedy

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Ken Levine is a sales and business development coach. he works with company presidents, sales teams and busienss owners to help them be more effective in finding new business opportunities. Ken helps his clients find new opportunities, and transition these "suspects" to become prospects and then clients.

It's In The Mail - Direct Mail is Alive and Kicking!

Written by Jim Logan

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For lead generation we integrate telephone follow-up, usingrepparttar direct mail piece as a means to warmrepparttar 139942 cold call. Calling in follow-up is less painful than calling cold.

We write teasers on envelops, use Johnson boxes, and addrepparttar 139943 occasional PS, but none of them always and sometimes none at all; it depends onrepparttar 139944 piece, audience, and call to action. Overall we consciously stay sincere, direct, and offer compelling reason to take action. Some results are obviously better than others and everything must be tested continuously.

We often integrate a landing page with a marketing or awareness piece, keeping font, pictures, and copy consistent betweenrepparttar 139945 paper piece andrepparttar 139946 web landing. This transitionrepparttar 139947 prospect from direct mail torepparttar 139948 web is a seamless manner. Sub-domains are used to create unique URLs to market specific stories.

Direct mail has been very good to my buisness :-)

If you’re not using direct mail today, I urge you to try it. Use in-house resources to makerepparttar 139949 piece, find a good low cost printer for production, and leverage USPS bulk mail solutions to manage your cost. Direct mail is cost effective and it works.

Jim Logan writes, speaks, and consults on the issue of revenue growth; working with clients to build their revenue the only three ways possible - getting more new customers, increasing the value of your average sale, and getting more repeat business. Jim can be reached at

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