How Search Engines Impact Online Sales

Written by Joseph M. Holcomb

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Generic search terms heavily dominaterepparttar buyers “search vocabulary". There has been a big movement (especially prominent among pay per click search advertisers) that belives bidding on “generic” search terms is a waste of money and if you do bid on those terms you should maintainrepparttar 128237 lowest possible bid price. If you are one of those advertisers/search marketers that believes in this idea…… guess what? You’re absolutely dead WRONG.

This study finds that searchers prefer to use generic search terms up until very late inrepparttar 128238 buying decision. Although there is some lift for brand specific searches directly before purchase,repparttar 128239 impact of those brand specific searches (i.e. “the brand name search” as I like to call it) is minimal compared to generic terms. In my opinion, I would consider all brand name searches occurring during subsequent searches (byrepparttar 128240 same user) to be a direct result ofrepparttar 128241 branding impact of search marketing in general.

Adapt to using generic terms and use them to your competitive advantage. Still you must account for your cost on generic terms. The search volume is much higher on generic terms which means a greatly increased number of clicks to your site and more money spent on your pay per click ads. How do you manage ad spend for search then?

One click can NEVER equal one sale.

Common misconception among new search marketers is that, “I got 30 trillion clicks and not one sale". I see this allrepparttar 128242 time inrepparttar 128243 search engine marketing forums. Especially when people complain about pay per click traffic.

Look here’s a slice of reality. Searchers will come to your web site many times over a period of weeks before they decide to buy from you. It’s a part of general Internet user behavior. Many people are still leery about online shopping. It is becoming more acceptable and mainstream as each day passes but you need to realize thatrepparttar 128244 clicks you got today might result in sales weeks, or even months from now. If you are not tracking that users multiple visits to your web site somehow then how are you ever going to account forrepparttar 128245 conversions and calculaterepparttar 128246 right ROI?

Every search marketer needs to justify his or her ROI. They need to track sales to search engine traffic over a period of months, not days or hours. One click does not, will not, and will never be, equal to one sale. If it worked that way I would retire tomorrow and leaverepparttar 128247 country for a tropical destination never to be seen or heard from again!

Track everything over a long period of time. Implement cookie tracking that can tagrepparttar 128248 IP and original visit date of your web site’s visitors, as well as,repparttar 128249 information on how that user was referred. Re-evaluate your search marketing on a monthly basis and assuming you are optimizing your titles, descriptions, and landing pages properly you should see your ROI steadily increase over time.

Lastly, to getrepparttar 128250 full benefit of understanding your core metrics for search marketing, adjust your ROI calculations based onrepparttar 128251 average number of visits to your web site byrepparttar 128252 same user. How many visits (byrepparttar 128253 same user) on average does it take for your web site to convert a sale? You can build this profile and seerepparttar 128254 trend over time. Soon you’ll understand how some companies can spend thousands of dollars every day on search marketing/advertising.

They have figured out how to calculate their ROI properly:

Average # of Visits By One User Before A Sale = Total Clicks Needed For A Sale # Of Clicks x Cost Per Click = Ad Spend Needed For A Sale Cost of Product + Ad Spend = Total Cost Per Sale (Figure in whatever else is appropriate here based on your costs) Profit Per Sale - Cost Per Sale = ROI +/-

Withrepparttar 128255 formula above you should be able to adequately figure out how much you can spend (even on a keyword by keyword basis) on pay per click advertising and still get a positive return on your advertising investment. As long as you are making $0.01 more than you spend on advertising then I consider that a success. Hey, we all want to do far better than that but it sure beats losing money on advertising.

Now go downloadrepparttar 128256 study above and read it.

Joe Holcomb is a seven year veteran online marketing and web site development. He currently serves as Senior Vice President of Marketing for meta search engine, BlowSearch. His personal web site and weblog can be found at

Using the "Da Vinci Code" to build quality one way inbound links

Written by Jason Hulott

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I have also seen a few others userepparttar hysteria behindrepparttar 128236 book to send out a topical release about their business that ties intorepparttar 128237 book.

There was one about a restoration company who can uncover dirt and restore old paintings and furniture which was very good. I remember there we some good dating stories aroundrepparttar 128238 time of Bridget Jones and also some great creative use ofrepparttar 128239 Lord ofrepparttar 128240 Rings Movies.

In essence, look torepparttar 128241 media forrepparttar 128242 next big thing to try and incorporate it into your press release campaigns. Books and movies are great sources andrepparttar 128243 great thing is they are always releasingrepparttar 128244 next big blockbuster.

Remember to try and keep it related but not stupid or far fetched.

Some ideas

Movie: Troy

Idea: Make sure your virus protection software is not your achilles heel! Idea: Beware Trojans! New Book on Virus Protection Software!

Movie: Bridget Jones

Idea: Anything Dating Related.

Also try using other news stories to generate interest. Use other major events although I would recommend most strongly that your avoid natural disasters or human suffering as a way to leverage a story. This would do your creditability damage and is quite immoral.

Anyways, good luck with your press release campaigns.

If you ever needed an excuse to go torepparttar 128245 movies or bookstore then I have just given yourepparttar 128246 best one yet. Hey, you could even claim it as a business expense!

Jason Hulott is author of Press Release Cash, a system to use press releases to drive traffic, boost search engine rankings , get free inbound links and generate big profits. All from one activity! Save time and effort now. Visit now!

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