How Satellite TV Works

Written by Gary Gresham

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The satellite providers digitizerepparttar signals for quality, encryptrepparttar 136250 signals for security, and then transmit those signals back up to their orbiting satellites. The satellites receive and rebroadcastrepparttar 136251 digital signals back down to Earth. Sorepparttar 136252 satellites really act like giant reflectors. Your satellite dish gathersrepparttar 136253 signal fromrepparttar 136254 satellites then passesrepparttar 136255 signal on to your receiver. Your receiver processesrepparttar 136256 signal to your television and that allows you to get digital satellite TV. The whole process is what gives you access to hundreds of channels of digital video and audio entertainment at home or atrepparttar 136257 office. It's also easy to take satellite TV with you in an RV or boat. Just aim your dish torepparttar 136258 Southern sky and you are in business. Sorepparttar 136259 next time you're flipping throughrepparttar 136260 channels or you just want to show off your techie side, you'll know exactly how satellite TV works.

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Bill Clinton's Favorite Word Game

Written by David D. Deprice

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