How Safe Is Your DATA?

Written by Simon Morris

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Ifrepparttar worst happened and you lost everything, you could just restore all of your files back onto your computer. As this may take a while, some services will provide you with a CD containing everything you have backed up, though often there is an extra charge of about $20 for this.

The second option is to use a web-based backup service. You can do this from your browser window and, as with web-based e-mail, you have access to your files from any computer with an internet connection. This kind of service will generally provide you with 10-20 MB of file space and is most often free. You can't back up quite as much using this system, but if you just need to back uprepparttar 132074 odd file or two, then this could berepparttar 132075 best option for you.

Top Tips For Backup:

- Know where your important files are located. - Keep your backup disks safe. - Keep several copies of important data. - Store disks in different locations. - Decide on a backup schedule and stick to it. - START TODAY. Remember, it's better to be safe than sorry! - Replace backup disks regularly.

The following are a number of different backup services. Have a look throughrepparttar 132076 list - you should find something that works well for you. Rememberrepparttar 132077 key is in having a simple system and putting it into practice.

Repeat out loud: Backup, backup, backup!!



X Drive



Managed Storage






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Never Too Late To Learn--BACK UP!

Written by Mary Holzrichter

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Gosh, it's quiet here inrepparttar family room. The tick tocking ofrepparttar 132072 mantel clock is actually loud! Weird.

Why do I loverepparttar 132073 internet so much? Sometimes I wish I'd never logged on that first time! Days like this! Days when that darn piece of *junk* crashes.

No, that's not true. When I get back that piece of *utter magic*, I'll thank my lucky stars!

I'm hopelessly addicted torepparttar 132074 internet. Admit it! I've learned so much and have met so many wonderful people. Oh, I fully realize I've got so much more to learn. Like BACKING UP my files. Like doing it on a REGULAR basis.

I'm getting tired. Think I'll put my coat on and step outside ontorepparttar 132075 deck.

It's snowing! There's no wind. *Charlie Brown* snowflakes! Huge ones coming straight down. Tree limbs and evergreens are cloaked with several inches ofrepparttar 132076 stuff!

Even more quiet out here. All I hear isrepparttar 132077 high tone in my ears one only notices in total silence. So peaceful. Whiteness all around me and darkness inrepparttar 132078 distance.

Finally at peace and exhausted, I slip back into bed. Life will go on without my computer, I tell myself.

"BUT from now on, I WILL DO A BACK UP every day"!

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