How Psychic Are You?

Written by Sam Stevens

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If you think about someone and they call, that is a form of telepathy (sending a message from mind to mind) at work. Psychics are thought to be hosts for ancestral spirits. If you find yourself frequently talking to a deceased relative in your head it is possible that you are a medium - a person that can channelrepparttar spirits ofrepparttar 105757 dead. They don't call it a "gut feeling" for nothing. People who are psychic often feel nauseous or a pain inrepparttar 105758 center ofrepparttar 105759 forehead or atrepparttar 105760 top ofrepparttar 105761 head if they are near a place where spirits hang out. Many psychics will also feel this if they are around toxic or negative people. If you have dreams that come true, then it can be said that you are blessed withrepparttar 105762 gift of prophecy. Psychics, mediums and other intuitive type often know inside when someone else has died. This is because they either feelrepparttar 105763 connection from that person intensify dramatically for a few hours or days, or they may even just feel a sense of loss or disconnection. The ability to tellrepparttar 105764 history of an object or sense who owned it is called clairsentience. This means you are able to pick up messages through your flesh. Many say they feel a buzz or itchy feeling in their palm when this is happening to them. If you cry a lot at a sad movie, or even just any sad story, this means that you have a wonderful ability to be empathetic with others. The danger of being able "to put yourself in someone else's place" and understand them, however, can be dangerous as oftenrepparttar 105765 feeling often feels like love. Women who find themselves in bad relationships often mistake their feelings of empathy for feelings of soul love. Psychic individuals tend to attract troubled individuals for a couple of reasons. One of them is thatrepparttar 105766 people who are troubled intuitively are drawn to others with healing or empathic abilities. Very oftenrepparttar 105767 person that comes to you feeling this will say something like "You arerepparttar 105768 only person who understands me." Also there is a principle that light attracts dark. The shinier and more enlightened you are as a person,repparttar 105769 more you tend to draw negative events that challenge your progress on your soul path. If you have wonrepparttar 105770 lottery, you are either very lucky, or very psychic! Out of body experiences and nightmares where you are being lifted out of your body are very common amongst psychics. It indicates ability to astral travel and talk to other spirits. It's sad but true, but many psychics are people who have hit some kind of rock bottom with their emotions or nervous system. The sixth sense is often borne out of a necessity whenrepparttar 105771 person lacks common sense or evenrepparttar 105772 usual five senses due to an illness. If you come from a long line of diviners, readers or prophetic people than chances are that you are capable of developingrepparttar 105773 same abilities.

Sam Steven's metaphysical articles have been published in many high-standing newspapers and she has published several books. You can meet Sam Stevens at where she works as a professional psychic. You can also read more of her articles at where she is the staff writer. Currently she is studying technology's impact on the metaphysics.

"to think is to differ"

Written by Iheme Godwin & Val k

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I am creative. And being creative means to bring into existence, that which does not exist. Many have thought and brought into existence. Like Wright brothers. Like Picasso. Like Tim Berners Lee. And if you should look towardsrepparttar supernatural, like God.

I am born to think. I am born to be different. I am human and it is my prerogative.

PS: I want to give credit torepparttar 105756 co-author of this particular article. He is, Val K. Special thenks to him for his contributions.

Val K, formarly known as Valentine Okolo, is a poet,novelist and a system engineer. He is currently working on his collection of peoms to be published soon. He can be reached on

Iheme Godwin, is a young Chartered Administrator. He is a seasoned Proofreader.He is into Events Marketing and Managemet. A freelance Advertiser and Marketer. He is due to publish two books, among which are THE ART OF ADVERTISING ON THE INTERNET and THE SECRETS OF SUCCESSFULLY PASSING ANY EXAMINATION. You can reach him at

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