How Peeling An Orange Could Make You A Fortune

Written by Jeff McCall

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So come on Jeff, tell us how we can use this phenomenon to make ourselves a fortune?

Choose a particular skill or area where you wish to improve, or simply choose one of your goals. You do have goals don't you? Spend at least 5 minutes everyday relaxing in a quiet place, visualising yourself completing your task or goal. That's all it takes, but you must do it regularly.

One ofrepparttar reasons why this technique is so successful, is that you'll normally always imagine yourself being successful in whatever you choose to think about. I mean, why would you want to imagine yourself failing or doing something badly? Doing things correctly time after time is a necessity in any learning process, and is a tremendous confidence builder.

When you come to perform your chosen task in reality, your subconscious mind will be expecting you to perform it perfectly, as you have many times before in your imagination. You'll automatically haverepparttar 126356 confidence of an expert.

An added bonus is that while your imagining your new found successes, you'll also be building a strong positive mental attitude. It's an inescapable fact that you become what you think about. So, if you think you're going to fail allrepparttar 126357 time, then as sure as eggs are eggs you will.

You may think this idea sounds totally foolish, but don't dismiss it out of hand. With a little creative thought you can employ this technique to improve your performance in many business skills and help you achieve your goals. You do have goals don't you?

I'm not suggesting that visualisation can replace traditional practice and experience. However, when used in conjunction with it, you can rapidly accelerate your progress and success. I've used this technique myself and am convinced it makes a difference. It could seriously make you a fortune. Go on, have some fun and give it a try!

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A Powerful New Way to Use "Why" Questions

Written by Michael Pollock

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Instead of asking "why do I oversleep?" Try "how can I get out of bed on time each day?"

Instead of asking "why am I not getting visitors to my website?" Try "how can I get more visitors to my website?"

Begin using afformations. Notice I did not say affirmations. An afformation, according to author Noah St. John, is "an empowering question to whichrepparttar human brain must try to find an answer." In his excellent book "Learn How and Why to Give Yourself Permission to Succeed," Noah devotes several pages to afformations. Pick up a copy ofrepparttar 126355 book or visit his website at .

Afformations are "why" questions which affirm something you desire.

Instead of asking "why am I always late?" Try "why am I on time for all my appointments?"

Instead of asking "why am I always broke?" Try "why do I experience financial abundance?"

Instead of asking "why am I lonely?" Try "why am I surrounded with friends who care for me?"

Instead of asking "why is my business unsuccessful?" Try "why is my business vibrant, growing and prosperous?"

By asking positive "why" questions, you convince your brain that what you desire is already so. If it exists in your mind, it's bound to become an outer reality.

Combine afformations with journaling. Begin keeping a journal each day and ask yourself only positive "why" questions. Not only will you be getting your thoughts out on paper, but you'll also be affirming - in your own mind - your desired reality.

Psychologist William James states "the greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind." Transformrepparttar 126356 way you use "why" questions, and you'll transform your attitude and your life.

It's your life. Make it great!

Michael Pollock is a popular on-line writer and Personal Coach. He empowers proactive people to create lives that are inspired, power-full and prosperous. It's your life. Make it great! Visit or subscribe to his weekly newsletter "It's Your Life!" by sending a blank email to

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