How One Person, Namely Me, Could Be a Beginner for 16 Years

Written by Marc David

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It's simple really. Everybody wants to sell you a secret. But here'srepparttar real secret and here's how I stumbled on it.

I found a workout program called Max-OT. Finally, a very structured workout program. What to do, when to do it and how. And it told me to lift heavy. It also gave me a tiny insight into eating right. But not enough. Somehow I got lucky and found a Burnrepparttar 143627 Fat, Feedrepparttar 143628 Muscle book. I printed it out. And that was it.

That was my ah-ha moment.

The secret was KNOWLEDGE.

Let me repeat that.


Nothing I've run across today is a big secret. It's not like nobody is telling anybody about this. Whatrepparttar 143629 problem seems to be is that beginners don't know where to start and they don't think they need any help. So at some point they get very frustrated and end up quitting or losing sight. Not to mentionrepparttar 143630 sheer wealth of information onrepparttar 143631 Internet in an unstructured manner is mind boggling. So what if all this information is on a bodybuilding forum. In 34,567 posts, with 9,567 members. Let me takerepparttar 143632 hex number and make it readable torepparttar 143633 human eye.

If I took 12 million pages of information, some horrible, some bad, some good and some true gold and threw it all overrepparttar 143634 house, took a blower to it and scattered every paper all over, that is what you have right now.

It would take you 2 years or more to go thru each page to find out what information was good, how many others confirmed that to be true and then you'd have to make your own table of contents and put it all together.

Just because it's out there doesn't mean much if it's not good, it's not structured and it's not written for you.

Here's what I've learned in just 2 years:

"What I need to eat in order to reach my goals and how to figure that out easily and quickly with just basic high school math.

"How I need to train and how less is actually more.

"Why being controlled and having excellent form gives me 50% more gains thenrepparttar 143635 guy/gal next to me who dropsrepparttar 143636 weight onrepparttar 143637 bottom half ofrepparttar 143638 movement.

"How I can measure my progress easily and quickly and best of all… privately. So that I know where I've been and how close I am to getting there.

"That not all carbs arerepparttar 143639 same

"There's such a thing as good fats and by taking a fat pill I can lose weight

The truth is…

I tried tons of workout programs. But my main failure wasn't necessarilyrepparttar 143640 routines I was doing butrepparttar 143641 lack of knowledge I had. Can you imagine what it would be like to take 16 years to learn how to tie your shoe? Well that's what I felt. I wanted something so bad that I tried it all.

Heck, I even skipped dinners (skipping meals is a no-no) on weekends because I was too busy and tried protein shakes that didn't mix well with water to put on weight.

So it all adds up to this…

I was a beginner for roughly 16 years. And while not physically a beginner I didn't know whatrepparttar 143642 heck I was doing. Reading magazines by companies with an agenda is a horrible way to figure it out. And reading books by professionals who took paths and risk I would never take is also a waste of time.

Which is why I'm writing.

I've finally figured it out. And I know I'm not alone because I run a bodybuilding forum, and a fitness site and I get 5-10 e-mails or posts a day with people just like me. Who want something and have no idea how to get there. I know they will try everything and many of them will quit. And a few will go on to struggle for years until they finally realizerepparttar 143643 secret to getting this dream is understandingrepparttar 143644 nutrition,repparttar 143645 training andrepparttar 143646 supplements.

Trust me, nobody wants to be a beginner for 16 years.

Marc David is an innovative fitness enthusiast and the creator of the "The Beginner's Guide to Fitness And Bodybuilding" method on He can show you how to reduce your body fat thru diet, how to gain weight or create more muscle thru an abundance of workout tips by training LESS! Not more. He dispels many "bodybuilding myths", and tells you what most people never realize about nutrition.

How To Choose The Right Contact Lenses

Written by Peter Smithson

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Flexible wear and extended wear lenses are designed for those who like to be able to sleep in their contacts rather than deal with putting them in and taking them out several times a day. These are especially useful for those who travel a great deal or are frequently away from home. No worries about having to carry your lens cleaning kit with you everywhere you go.

More than 30 million people wear contact lenses and it requires a visit to your eye care professional that can then determine if you're a candidate for contacts. With so much variety and so many advances,repparttar chances are good that your local optometrist hasrepparttar 143626 right contact lens for you. =========================================================== Discover important advice and information about contact lenses. Are soft or hard best ? What'srepparttar 143627 best cleaning solutions ? For a comprehensive guide, Click

Peter has worn contact lenses all his life. He's tested different types, and explored all alternatives. In this series of articles he shares his advice and experiences.

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