How Not to Start a Website

Written by Stephen Cope

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  • The nice  man atrepparttar SEO company starts talking to you about "keywords" and "optimization" and "SERPs" and you get a nice warm glow. But you're not really sure what it's all about and it's starting to give you a headache anyway. Not to worry - he knows what he's doing!
  • He tells you it's no problem he'll get you onrepparttar 137006 first page in Google, Yahoo and MSN forrepparttar 137007 following searches. "belly button jewellery", "Gold plated belly button jewellery" etc.
  • But you want to be found for --jewellery. Because that's what you sell.
  • He says that's not possible and you become angry!
  • You've had enough of this website nonsense- It doesn't work anyway!
  • But then you get a nice email from someone- don't know him though- he can get you 1000s of visitors. Now you're in business! It's a bit expensive but not to worry you've come this far!
  • Just asrepparttar 137008 ad said,repparttar 137009 visitors start coming- This web stuff is easy! Now you're smiling.
  • Oh! you think- no one is buying- Now you're upset again.
  •  But wait- You remember that other email that camerepparttar 137010 other day about emailing you're ad to millions of people.........................

  • Stephen Cope is a freelance trainer and the Webmaster at - making a website and The Niche Website Guide.

    Coloring Your Logo – Pick Out the Best!

    Written by Kay Zetkin

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    •Purple – a rich color that exudes mystery, royalty and spirituality. Forrepparttar unconventional, creative and prides themselves of being unique, your logo may work well with lavender in it. It also conveys justice and truth.

    •Gray – connotes neutrality, stability and wisdom… •White – it isrepparttar 136737 color of cleanliness and purity, youth, simplicity, innocence, friendship and peace. White has become a very popular background color in web sites, owing torepparttar 136738 best readability it offers onscreen.

    •Green – conveys neutrality, growth, money, humility and wisdom. It is a kind, generous color and often a logical choice for financial sites and those that represent fertility, healing and ecology in many cultures.

    •Black – as always have been considered a mournful, heavy and depressing color. Although, it also connotes an air of detached elegance and sophistication and mystery.

    •Red – considered asrepparttar 136739 hottest of all colors, it represents all things intense and passionate. It connotes danger, heat and fire, speed and zest, blood and excitement, competition and aggression. As such red can really be an annoying, disquieting or exciting color depending onrepparttar 136740 intensity of its used in your logo.

    So, all you need to do is go about and findrepparttar 136741 right color that’s suitable and quite appealing enough. Do you already have your choice? -30-

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    Kay Zetkin discovered the pleasure of writing through her daily journals as a teen-ager. Writing in it helped sort out her thoughts, relieve her feelings and record what she observes of the world.

    For her, writing is an effective tool to express your viewpoints... To write is already to choose, thus, writing should be done along with a critical mind and a caring soul. She hopes to become more professional, skilled and mature in her craft.

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