How My Four Your Old Son Reacted To The Death Of His Great Nanny "Biscuits".

Written by Stephen Hill

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We were all very upset, however my son did not seem to fully understand that he would not be able to see her again.

This was what he said: "Why can't I see her, where has she gone?" "She has died and she has gone to heaven" "Can we go to heaven on holiday?" "No, that's not possible, it is a long way away." "We could go on a plane" "Sorry son, it is too far for a plane to get to" "Well how did nanny get there?" I am not sure why I gaverepparttar next answer: "On a heaven bike" "Can I get a heaven bike for Christmas dad?" "No son" "So what is like in heaven dad?" "Oh, it is an amazing place with lots of sweets and lots of fun things to do" "I can not wait until I get to heaven, I am going to take lots of money with me." "Why?" "So that I can buy lots of sweets, of course".

This conversation made me smile again, at what was a very sad time in my life.

Stephen Hill


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5 Tips For Talking To Your Children About What They See In The News

Written by Dr. Charles Sophy

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The best way to make sure kids know they are safe, is to talk with them about what they see and hear and give them a chance to express their feelings.

Parents with children reacting torepparttar news should:

• Know allrepparttar 149054 facts: Parents should help their children cope withrepparttar 149055 attacks first by finding out how much they know about what happened.

• Know yourself: Try to be aware of your own anxieties in order to know your child’s.

• Know your child: Children may not haverepparttar 149056 verbal capacity to discuss their anxieties. Watch for new behavioral/physical manifestations of their fears. For example, your child may reveal his/her anxiety by not wanting to separate to go to school or camp.

• Reduce media exposure: It’s important to filterrepparttar 149057 information that your child receives so that you can controlrepparttar 149058 intensity ofrepparttar 149059 reaction, instill in your child your sense of values and moral principles, and keeprepparttar 149060 lines of communication open and let them ask questions.

• Build a plan: Children, no matter their age, are primarily concerned with safety “Am I safe? Is my family safe?” To allay their fears, work with your child to create a safety plan.

Remember: World disasters are scary for adults and children alike. Always reach for more assistance when unsure of your next step.

Dr. Charles Sophy currently serves as Medical Director for the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. He also has a private psychiatry practice in Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Charles Sophy, author of the “Keep ‘Em Off My Couch” blog, provides real simple answers for solving life’s biggest problems. He specializes in improving the mental health of children. To contact Dr. Sophy, visit his blog at

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