How Much is Enough

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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Ad budgeting is one measure of commitment. No banker knowingly backs a new venture withoutrepparttar resources to succeed. A business with a limited budget to sell its product or services, must survive on word of mouth,repparttar 117997 slowest and least reliable of allrepparttar 117998 media available.

Those who advertise for a living ask for enough money to getrepparttar 117999 job done. Remember,repparttar 118000 QUALITY ofrepparttar 118001 advertising is not affected byrepparttar 118002 budget, onlyrepparttar 118003 QUANTITY purchased at a particular time.

The Internet is extremely impersonal, and people look for clues when considering a purchase. A "zero cost" type of operation raises a huge "red flag" and will seldom succeed. Would you send off your hard earned money to someone with a Post Office Box and a free email account? I know I wouldn't.

The minimum you should have is your own domain with your own email address. You can forward that address to your ISP address, or better yet, use an email client such as Eudora or Pegasus which allows you to maintain a professional email address.

If you can't afford these minimum costs, and some consistent advertising, you don't haverepparttar 118004 "ante" and don't belong inrepparttar 118005 game. Someone may survive on word of mouth with a low overhead business inrepparttar 118006 "brick and mortar" world, butrepparttar 118007 person withrepparttar 118008 "zero cost" online business is simply wasting their time.

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Home Business

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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But this doesn't answerrepparttar question - how long should you be available to take calls, and what should you do with people who call outside your posted hours? Recognizing that there is a three hour difference for many people, you should try to be available during that period that overlapsrepparttar 117996 different time zones. If you live onrepparttar 117997 east coast, 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM will provide decent coverage. Voice mail or an answering machine should be available for those hours you are not actually taking calls.

While voice mail or an answering machine will provide coverage, you must respond to inquires received on a timely basis. While you have a better chance of closingrepparttar 117998 sale if you are available when they do call, this isrepparttar 117999 next best alternative.

Another thing that you should do, is to try to capture their telephone number,repparttar 118000 best time to returnrepparttar 118001 call and their email address if they do call outside your normal working hours. This works especially well if you follow up with an email sending them a carefully crafted message. In that message thank them for their inquiry, and if they respond, be sure to return their call. If they don't respond to your email, you should still follow up, however,repparttar 118002 odds of making a sale have decreased dramatically.

No matter what you do, you will not close a sale with everyone who calls. If you present a "business like" image,repparttar 118003 odds that you will be successful, will increase dramatically, and you will realize that dream of no commute, not having to play office politics, and hopefully there will be some income.

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