How Much Per Year Do You spend On Advertising?

Written by Robert Puddy

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My product would take his $1000.00 and double its purchasing power (or halve his costs), making $10.000 a month in sales a distinct possibility.

Was he interested?

You bet he was because he knew thatrepparttar only way to earn an income like that was through targeted paid advertising. His only concern wasrepparttar 101080 quality ofrepparttar 101081 advertising (note his concern wasrepparttar 101082 quality notrepparttar 101083 cost). I simply reassured him that I had tested them, I had negotiatedrepparttar 101084 discount for him, all he had to do was payrepparttar 101085 fee to joinrepparttar 101086 discount service and he could have direct access to them.

What will he do withrepparttar 101087 money I saved him, well as a savvy marketeer he will use it to grow his business, he may even increase his investment as his revenues climb.

Ok most of you don't have $1000.00 per month to spare and you don't have a $200.00 product. So start off with a smaller budget and grow it. Make a $20.00 sale, place a $20.00 ad. This makes you 3 $20.00 sales so place a $60.00 ad, this makes you 10 $20.00 sales so place a $200.00 ad and so on.

You got to speculate to accumulate. It's as simple as that!

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10 Tips For Effective Free Ezine Advertising

Written by Timothy Ward

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6. Save Ads In Text Editor

Keep a file of all your ads in a text editor like Notepad or Microsoft Word. This way you will always have them readily available.

7. Thank The Publisher

When you submit your free ad, be sure to thankrepparttar publisher forrepparttar 101079 free advertising. This kind gesture may get your ad placed before allrepparttar 101080 other free ads.

8. Submit Often

Whenever you see an opportunity to submit a free ad, take it. Submit as often and as many ads as each ezine will allow.

9. Keep Your Ads Tasteful

Make sure that your ads are G-rated and are not offensive. Publishers are very concerned about their ezine's image and are quick to delete ads that they feel may harm it.

10. Keep Stats

Keep track ofrepparttar 101081 results of each ad. Find out which ads work, and which don't. Reuserepparttar 101082 ads that are effective, and discardrepparttar 101083 ones that are not.

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