How Many Calories Can I Have and Still Lose Weight

Written by Kathryn Martyn, M.NLP

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Sure, some vegis and fruits are high in sugar, but it's natural sugar. I seriously doubt our planet grows any killer foods - it is more likelyrepparttar food industry which has processed those foods to become nothing more than a dried powder, then add back more sugars, and chemicals so it will resemblerepparttar 131168 original product, is more harmful than a simple apple or banana?

If you are diabetic or must watchrepparttar 131169 sugars, have a small bit of protein along withrepparttar 131170 higher glycemic food, such as an ounce of cheese with your apple. Notice I said an ounce of cheese, not a slab big enough to feed a small country.

Metabolic Slow-Down Feeding yourself too few calories sets you up for metabolic slow-down. Studies have shown time and again that a heavier person can find it difficult to lose weight, even though eating very low calories, simply because their body's metabolism is burning at such a slow rate. As you probably already know exercise helps to speed up your metabolism but so does eating. That's why they say breakfast is so important, not only to fuel yourself but because it startsrepparttar 131171 metabolic furnace burning, and it continues to burn all day. If you don't eat anything until noon, you don't stoke your furnace to start burning until then either.

Hasrepparttar 131172 ultra low calorie approach worked for you so far? If not, why not try something more reasonable? Tag along with a friend who doesn't have a weight problem and you'll see how sometimes they eat more, sometimes less, but on average they eat enough to fuel their body and maintain their weight.

Adding more food gives you additional eye appeal. If you split up 1000 calories overrepparttar 131173 course of an entire day you're looking at pretty skimpy portions on your plate each time you eat. I like to feel like I'm getting enough to eat and I do this by rounding out my plate with extra vegetables.

If I'm having a frozen entree for instance, I'll cook up a cup or more of frozen vegetables to add to my plate. The extra vegis really fill me up, providingrepparttar 131174 satisfaction I need, and I often have a bit extra vegetables to throw away. Is that wasting food? No, it's smart. Far better for me mentally to have extra food to toss away than to be lickingrepparttar 131175 plate because I'm still hungry. I'm also not likely to start wanting something else to eat right after dinner if I'm feeling content withrepparttar 131176 amount I've eaten.

Make an effort to learn to like your food as is. Plain mixed vegetables with nothing on them are delicious. It took me awhile to stop putting butter on them, and then even quittingrepparttar 131177 Molly McButter (just chemicals and sodium). I eat them plain and yes, they are great. Nature made our fruits and vegetables naturally sweet and all those "extras" we are used to using like butter on vegetables or potatoes certainly make things taste all yummy but they also make us larger than we need to be. Those "extra" calories add up.

Start to Slowly Make Ajustments to What You Eat or How Much You Eat

For instance wean yourself off adding sugar to your cold cereal. Readrepparttar 131178 label; all processed cereals contain a ridiculous amount of added sugar already. There's no need to add more. My only exception is brown sugar on oatmeal. I don't sugar my cereal at all anymore but it took me awhile to makerepparttar 131179 change. Start by adding a bit less, then next week cut back a bit more until you breakrepparttar 131180 habit entirely. Tiny changes make up for big results over time.

If you feed yourself well, and focus on increasing your activity, even if only a little, then you will continue to lose fat, build muscle and get more shapely, allrepparttar 131181 while increasing your metabolism so you can eat more food!

Kathryn Martyn, Master NLP Practitioner, author of Changing Beliefs, Your First Step to Permanent Weight Loss

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Why Dieting is Keeping America Fat

Written by Virginia Bola, PsyD

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To pare off fat, we have to focus on something other than food. Focus on some aspect of your life: your family, your community, your job, sports, social welfare, sex, school, hobbies, anything important to you, and you will start to regard food as something that has to be consumed to stay alive but also as something that interferes with your life, to be avoided except when absolutely necessary.

Psychologically distance yourself from food and one dayrepparttar commercials,repparttar 131165 endless burgers and fries, and watching people eating in public will seem totally alien as if a parallel world exists with which you have no connection.

It is then that you will be onrepparttar 131166 way to controlling your weight.

Virginia Bola is a licensed psychologist and an admitted diet fanatic. She specializes in therapeutic reframing and the effects of attitudes and motivation on individual goals. The author of The Wolf at the Door: An Unemployment Survival Manual, and a free ezine, The Worker's Edge, she is currently working on a psychologically-based weight control book: Diet with an Attitude. She can be reached at

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