How Long Will America Last With Hordes of Illegals Flooding In

Written by Gary Revel

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It is clear that America loses taxes and fees that legitimate businesses and even private individuals would pay if this were a legitimate form of employment. It is also clear thatrepparttar people that generally hire these illegals are inrepparttar 132387 higher income segment of our population. They provide themselves with more money to spend on themselves by keeping wages down throughout America by their unpatriotic greed.

Those Mexicans and others who are in this country legally and who would dorepparttar 132388 same jobsrepparttar 132389 illegals do but expect more money and better working conditions are out of luck. This is their reward for obeyingrepparttar 132390 law and coming here legally.

Wages are kept down because of this and many families in America pay for it in many different ways. It is time thatrepparttar 132391 laws already onrepparttar 132392 books are enforced and all illegal aliens who don't have an asylum issue or some other exceptional situation are deported. By deporting all illegal aliens that are in this country we will also get rid of many terrorists and supporters of terrorists which is one way to make America a safer place for those who are here legally.

Gary currently lives in the Los Angeles, California area and recently published his first of three autobiographical works planned. The book, 'To Live or Maybe Not' tells some of his story related to his military service in the US Navy during the Vietnam War Era and his investigation of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Sacred Group Retreats to Make Change

Written by Douglas D. Germann, Sr.

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Sorepparttar question is, can you trust God?

The answer is, Always! God works through people. God works through circumstances. God works through gatherings. God works through silence. God works throughrepparttar 132386 brook leaping and dancing outsiderepparttar 132387 meeting room window.

How does this happen? When you give your people paper and markers and invite them in a spirit of openness and stillness, inspiration always comes. Most often it stampedes! Soon people are posting all sorts of topics: "What is beyond soup kitchens?;" "What do seniors need to tell their doctors?;" "Where could we raiserepparttar 132388 funds for this?" People really are fingers ofrepparttar 132389 divine and are itching for a chance to expand and work!

If you would like step-by-step instructions on how to make this happen, ask me to send you a free article. Let's move on torepparttar 132390 next stage: inviting action. You have people excited byrepparttar 132391 possibilities. They have even created some great ideas to make it happen.

How do you move from talk to action? The answer is simpler than you think: Ask and it will happen.

People are more anxious than you to get on with it. They want to jump out of their chairs and do something. Your job is to invite it--and get out of their way.

Why is this so? Becauserepparttar 132392 ideas came from inside them. They knowrepparttar 132393 validity and necessity of this calling. No one has dumped a project on them from a position of authority. Action sprouts from their core.

So you bringrepparttar 132394 whole gathering back into their circle to hear from each other and look at flip charts and reports that show allrepparttar 132395 work that has sprung up among them. Then you simply ask "What arerepparttar 132396 immediate next steps we need to take?" Get out ofrepparttar 132397 way as people postrepparttar 132398 categories of work that needs doing and run off to smaller groups to devise their practical next steps. In an hour you will have everyone back inrepparttar 132399 circle, almost too excited to sit in their chairs.

Now that's how you make change... sacred!

Prayer? Of course. Remember,repparttar 132400 whole event is a prayer.

About the author: Doug Germann facilitates sacred group retreats to make change. Need more ideas? You may contact Doug for the free step-by-step article, and to ask your questions.: 574/291-0022;; Fax: 574/291-0024; Mail: P.O. Box 2796, South Bend, IN 46680-2796;

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