How Long Do Lifetime Commissions Really Last?

Written by Clay Mabbitt

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How do you know which method(s) an affiliate program uses to track referrals? Most programs donít go into much detail in their recruitment literature because they donít want to makerepparttar process sound too complicated for people who are just getting started with affiliate programs. Any program that deserves further scrutiny will provide an email address or form to ask questions, though. Send an email specifically asking which of these methods are used.

A few companies are avoidingrepparttar 102438 issue of tracking repeat customers while still looking for ways to reward affiliates. They provide incentives such as a publicized discount for customers who return torepparttar 102439 companyís web site through your affiliate link. This idea has some merit, although it forces customers to jump through some inconvenient hoops. A good rule of thumb in business is to make it as easy for your customer to buy from you as possible.

I should also mention that an affiliate program that offers unlimited return days is not necessarily paying lifetime commissions. When someone clicks on your affiliate link,repparttar 102440 clock starts ticking. If they come back withinrepparttar 102441 specified number of return days and make their purchase, you earn a commission. Just because an affiliate program offers unlimited return days, does not mean that you will earn commission on any purchases afterrepparttar 102442 initial one.

I donít mean to sound critical of return days. Return days are a boon to affiliates because many customers donít make a purchase until theyíve visited a site several times. Ideally as an affiliate you would likerepparttar 102443 company you work with to provide a healthy number of return days as well as lifetime commissions. When a company touts unlimited return days, though, realize nothing about a customer is stored in a database until that customer makes a purchase. So return days can only be tracked by a cookie or IP address. As stated above, these tracking methods are not perfect.

There are a lot of strong affiliate programs that donít offer lifetime commissions. The point here is to make sure you understand exactly what to expect from your compensation plan before you invest your money or (more valuable still) your time.

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You Get Back What You Send Out

Written by Steve Melton

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Another Statesman lay incredibly ill, dying of pneumonia. Doctor Alexander Fleming knew that his newly discovered medicine would help cure him. He orderedrepparttar patient be given his new discovery of penicillin.

The patient, Winston Churchill made a remarkable recovery. The actions of his father, Randolph Churchill, some fifty years earlier by helping a young Scottish boy named Alexander Fleming pursue his dreams saved his own son's life.

Moral ofrepparttar 102437 story, you get back what you send out. You should definitely know what you what in life, refuse to settle for less and you could have it all.

Rememberrepparttar 102438 story of young Alex. It is possible to get everything we "bargain" for in Life.

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