How Important is your Marketing?

Written by Charlie Cook

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How much more could you be making if you had 3 times as many people contact you about your products and services?

When your prospects are considering a purchase, they are looking to solve a problem. They might want to eliminate back pain, fund their child’s college tuition, sell off their excess inventory quickly so they have more operating cash on hand, as in Bob's case. In every case your prospect has a problem or need that prompted their purchase.

Your prospects are hoping you can help them. They're hoping you haverepparttar solution to making them happier, smarter and richer. They are buyingrepparttar 146166 result you provide.

When a prospect meets you or visits your web site,repparttar 146167 first item they should see is a statement ofrepparttar 146168 problem you solve. Your prospects then immediately know whether you can help them.

Why is your marketing message – your elevator speech – andrepparttar 146169 way you talk about what you do so important?

At ten to twelve words long, your marketing message won't cover allrepparttar 146170 problems you solve, establish your credibility orrepparttar 146171 value you provide. But ifrepparttar 146172 first thing you say to a prospect doesn't get their attention, they won't stay at your web site, readrepparttar 146173 rest of your marketing materials or listen torepparttar 146174 rest of what you have to say.

Bob spent over a decade experimenting to find a marketing message that helped him generate a steady income and then in a few months discovered he could improve on it by three hundred percent. Don't wait ten years to dorepparttar 146175 same with your marketing. Write, test and use a problem solving marketing message and more people will contact you about your products and services. -

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Branded Email: The Next Generation of Email

Written by Jason DeVelvis

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I Want to Know What Branded Email Is

Branded email can fall intorepparttar following categories, each works a little differently thanrepparttar 146165 next:

  • Stationary – Microsoft Outlook comes with its own stationary tool, and there are quite a few other stationary companies. Drawbacks – These systems typically provide little or no customizability, no functionality; no usability; can be email size issues

  • Mail Redirect – This type of branded email system can use (or allow you to develop) a custom template, then in order for you to send branded email, you send an email to second- or third-party servers, via an email address like this one - - which puts your message inrepparttar 146166 body ofrepparttar 146167 branded email template, then send it torepparttar 146168 recipient on your behalf. Drawbacks – low usability; not secure; hard to reply/forward email with branding

  • Web Based – Now we’re getting torepparttar 146169 more advanced systems. This type of system offers custom and/or generic templates that you can use with your email. You log in to their website and send your email through their site. Drawbacks – Most won’t allow you to use your own email address; not secure; hard to reply/forward email with branding

  • IT Department or Design Department created – If you have an IT guy/department or a design guy/department you can probably do this in-house. Createrepparttar 146170 HTML template that you want to use, and add it into your client. Drawbacks – it takes time to changerepparttar 146171 templates if your contact information changes; you have to duplicaterepparttar 146172 design and change it for every person in your office; you have to hostrepparttar 146173 images on your server, or attach/embed them torepparttar 146174 email (size issue)

  • Integrated – This isrepparttar 146175 type of system you should be looking for. Integrated systems integrate with your mail client (Outlook, Eudora, etc) and allow you to send branded email just like you would any other email. Good systems allow you to do this with as few clicks as possible, andrepparttar 146176 best ones don’t require you to start another program in order to addrepparttar 146177 branding aspects. Drawbacks – if you use an off-brand client, it may not be supported

It’srepparttar 146178 End ofrepparttar 146179 Article as We Know It… and I Feel Fine

Branding is alive and well inrepparttar 146180 world today, and its next frontier is email. More and more businesses are switching to an email branding system, and plain text email is slowly losing its grip on business communication. Find a system that fits your business, and start branding today.

Jason is a long time web developer and the owner of Email Appeal, an email marketing company located in Holland, OH. You can contact him by calling 866-665-3887 or by visiting Email Appeal - Branded Email for Your Business.

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