How I reached #1 in Yahoo!

Written by Michael Rock

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secret!  Visit these sites:  (,,,, and and reenter your 40 keywords and you’ll find a list of keywords underrepparttar heading, “Did you mean . . ., Other users typed in . . ., and  Related links . . .”  Using these search engines is an untapped resource that should not be overlooked.  The list of keywords listed here are repparttar 127820 ones that Joe Q. Public used to findrepparttar 127821 information you’re looking for.  The average of all opinions of allrepparttar 127822 people browsingrepparttar 127823 internet looking forrepparttar 127824 information you want them to find on your site.  Adding repparttar 127825 relevant keywords from these lists will improve your chances of getting to repparttar 127826 top immensely.  There is free keyword generators located onrepparttar 127827 internet to help you add to your list.  The top two are Google Keywords ( ) and Overture Tools (  Click keyword selector tool.  Overture will tell you how many times that keyword was type in duringrepparttar 127828 last month.  Find these tools onrepparttar 127829 internet and type in your keywords to see how they rank, and cross offrepparttar 127830 ones that don’t generate much traffic.  And guess what?  You get a list of more keywords that will help your goal to get to #1!  They show up inrepparttar 127831 order from most used to least used.  Addrepparttar 127832 relevant keywords to your list.

            You should now have a list of about 75 or more keywords.  Remember:  The more research you do,repparttar 127833 better your chances will be to getting to #1.  What do you do with this large list of keywords now?  Determine how often they are used by Joe Q. Public and relate it to how many of your competitors use this keyword in optimizing their site.  This will give you something called a KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index; comparesrepparttar 127834 Daily World Searches withrepparttar 127835 number of competing Web pages to pinpoint exactly which keywords are good enough so you can use them while optimizing your site) rating.

            Part two of this article will show you how to narrow your list to 10 ofrepparttar 127836 most powerful keywords inrepparttar 127837 market to raise your ranking inrepparttar 127838 search engines.  Be sure to look for part two coming soon . . .


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Do Not Build A Website Until You Have Researched Your Keywords

Written by Kusuma Widjaja

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Pinpoint targeting and low competition means higher rankings - with less investment of time, effort, and money.

You must also be sure that your targeted search term is included inrepparttar right places inrepparttar 127819 HTML. It should appear in your Title, Description, your HI, H2, your first line of text, once or twice in each paragraph, once in bold, once in italic, and in some of your links. Don't know what I'm talking about? It's time to learn - just like you have to learn to use a saw, screws, nails, drill and glue to build a bookshelf.

Let's review that again - Here arerepparttar 127820 places your targeted keyword needs to be placed if you ever want a chance at #1 ranking: The Title ofrepparttar 127821 page The Description META tag The Keyword META tag In your headline - Userepparttar 127822 < hl > or< h2 > tag Your first line of text Once or Twice in each paragraph Once in bold Once in italics And, finally, in some links...

Amazingly, many people disdain these simple rules as trying to "trick"repparttar 127823 search engines. But they are wrong. Including your targeted search term inrepparttar 127824 right places is actually being POLITE torepparttar 127825 search engines. It helpsrepparttar 127826 spider decide whether your site is relevant for a given search.

If your page is about "Atkins diet meal plans for women," wouldn't it be logical for those words to be in your Title, your Description, your Headlines, your links, and your text? The only reason they wouldn't be is if your site is about something else! That's howrepparttar 127827 spiders think. So should you. Be smarter than your competitors. Simplify your site's HTML and use it well.

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