How I make my card work for me

Written by Adam Fletcher

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Purchase that television on October 21, give or take a day or two. You will get free credit till December 11 (around 51 days).

And what's more? If I took a personal loan to makerepparttar above purchase, I would be dishing out an interest rate of around 18% per annum (around 11% if I took it from my company). Here, I get interest-free credit on my card!

How to plan your investments It gets you out of trouble

Specially when you have to make birthday and anniversary gifts to your girlfriend and you are either low on cash orrepparttar 149644 gift is too expensive (often both).

Let's say I earn $2000 a month, out of which I spend $1000 on living expenses. Now, if it is my girl friend's birthday and I plan to buy her a necklace worth Rs $2,000, I may not have that much saved.

The way out? Buy it on my card instead of waiting to accumulate that amount in my savings and gifting it to her a month after her birthday.

When my credit card bill is finally presented to me, my salary would be credited to my account and I would have accumulated enough to makerepparttar 149645 payment.

Save AND repay your loan It acts as a budgeting tool

The problem with spending cash is that you never know what you spend on. With a credit card,repparttar 149646 billing statement is a reality check. Video:

I closely study my statement. This gives me a fairly good idea of my spending pattern.

At a glance, you can tell whererepparttar 149647 bulk of your salary goes: books, entertainment, shopping, petrol or on essentials.

Should you save or prepay your loan? Use it, don't get used by it

Sure,repparttar 149648 card does have its limitations (which I mentioned earlier) and setbacks too.

Credit card frauds (specially overrepparttar 149649 internet) are increasing byrepparttar 149650 day.

And, if you are not careful, it is very simple to indulge in a high lifestyle, convinced that you can pay off your debt later. Once you spend more than what you can afford, you are forced to carry overrepparttar 149651 balance amount torepparttar 149652 next month. And that's when your credit card becomes your enemy. Now you pay heavily for this money at least 24% per annum. Music:

But, if you use it well, it is a handy money management tool.

Not to mention allrepparttar 149653 points that would accumulate eventually which can be exchanged to make a purchase or get a gift. Alright, it may not be a great bargain but nevertheless, it will cost you nothing.

In some cases, you get some amount of money back underrepparttar 149654 "cash back" scheme. In others, if you are paying an annual fee, you can redeem these points againstrepparttar 149655 fee. But do remember, nearly allrepparttar 149656 cards being issued these days have free lifetime membership. Hardware Software Articles

So while I respect my colleague's opinion, I am quite convinced that I do not want to live without a card.

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Forex Trading Online - 7 Reasons Why You Should!

Written by Keith Thompson

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5 - Forex prices are predictable. Currency prices, though volatile, tend to create and follow trends, allowingrepparttar technically trained Forex trader to spot and take advantage of many entry and exit points.

6 - Forex trading online is commission free! That's right! No commissions, no exchange fees or any other hidden fees. This is a very transparent market, and you'll find it very easy to researchrepparttar 149643 currencies andrepparttar 149644 countries involved. Forex brokers make a small percentage ofrepparttar 149645 bid/ask spread, and that's it. No longer any need to compute commissions and fees when executing a trade.

7 - Forex trading online is instant! The FX market is astoundingly fast! Your orders are executed, filled and confirmed usually within 1-2 seconds. Since this is all done electronically with no humans involved, there is little to slow it down!

Forex trading online can get you where you want to go quicker and more profitably than any other form of trading. Check it out and see what Forex trading online can do for you!

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