How I made $6,350 in 4 days using a simple method anyone can follow

Written by Marlon Sanders

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That means your potential profits have almost no limit andrepparttar money you risk to get that payoff is quite small if you already have products and a web site.

You don't have to be Microsoft to use his methods. They work for small, medium and large companies alike.

Not that you'll becomerepparttar 109679 next Microsoft or an overnight millionaire. But Jonathan does use his methods with people and companies in those categories.

To my knowledge, Jonathan isrepparttar 109680 only person explainingrepparttar 109681 magic of "per transaction" marketing in a format where you can actually apply it to your business tomorrow morning.

It's something that Jonathan found out by working "hands on" withrepparttar 109682 big corporations. This IS whatrepparttar 109683 serious Internet marketing companies are doing because you can scale up from small to giant volume in a flash.

Ezine ads and other methods are great for getting started. But how are you ever going to getrepparttar 109684 VOLUME that hauls in big bucks -- without spending a fortune on advertising?

That's what Jonathan shows you...

One last thing: You may not be able to tell it fromrepparttar 109685 sound of his sales letter, but his product is NOTHING like mine.

He covers totally different types of information than yours truly. While per transaction marketing is not new, Jonathan's insights and insider info on how companies are exploding with this method is hot and new.

That's why I felt a duty and an obligation to introduce you to my good friend and one ofrepparttar 109686 most astonishing marketers I know who has been publishing his newsletter since beforerepparttar 109687 World Wide Web even existed.

With great pleasure, I introduce you torepparttar 109688 unmatched genius of Jonathan Mizel.

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Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders"

How do you send out an email like that? I like two products:

One: A great product for beginners that comes with an A to Z how to manual.

Two: I use Mail King because it allows me to put a name inrepparttar 109689 subject field ofrepparttar 109690 email. But it did take awhile for me to figure out how to use it.

Format your email letter in a text editor such as text pad and place a hard return at or before 65 characters on a line. This prevents your email from wrapping and looking like garbage when it arrives in your customer's email box.

When you do your mailing, expect .5% ofrepparttar 109691 list to buy. However,repparttar 109692 true answer is that you'll know your response rate a week after you email your sales letter. The bulk of your responses will come in within 72 hours.

Follow this simple two-step formula and you can create money out of thin air anytime you need it.

Marlon Sanders is author of "The Amazing Formula That Sells Like Crazy" and "How to Create Your Own Products In A Flash." For an in-depth look at the formula presented in this letter, visit Marlon's web site at:

Email Wiretapping- Don't be a victim

Written by Neville French

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The loophole is made possible because JavaScript is able to read text in an email message. If a message is forwarded to someone else,repparttar hidden JavaScript code can read any text that has been added torepparttar 109678 message when it is forwarded. This JavaScript code executes whenrepparttar 109679 forwarded message is read. The JavaScript code then silently sends off this text using a hidden form to a web server belonging torepparttar 109680 original sender ofrepparttar 109681 message. The original sender can then retrieverepparttar 109682 text at their convenience and read it.

A "wiretapped" email message is difficult to detect. An individual can avoidrepparttar 109683 email wiretap by turning off JavaScript inrepparttar 109684 email reader. However, ifrepparttar 109685 individual forwardsrepparttar 109686 message to someone who has JavaScript turned on, that recipient's forwarded messages can still be" wiretapped". Additionally, copyingrepparttar 109687 original message into a new email, rather than forwarding it, may not defeatrepparttar 109688 problem.

What can users can do?

It is possible to partially eliminaterepparttar 109689 email wiretapping problem by turning off JavaScript in HTML email messages. You can visitrepparttar 109690 home webpage for your appropriate browser package if you are not sure on how to do this.

Switching offrepparttar 109691 JavaScript is only a partial solution because a "wiretapped" message will still work if it is replied to, or forwarded, to someone whose email program is vulnerable torepparttar 109692 malicious JavaScript. The best policy is some form of group or corporate agreement on how to tackle this, especial where commercially sensitive material is involved.

Neville French E-Inform is centred around email marketing, producing it's own software products and resources + bespoke solutions for a diverse range of clients.

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