How I learned to Succeed Online, Finally

Written by Mike Cantwell

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Off torepparttar web to find a Professional designer. Made a list and started checking out their reference sites. Whatever you do, check out at least twenty of their designs. Alright lets go site seeing. Mmmm...Nice....Ah OK.......Oh Gosh is that Elvis? I mean pink on black, who can even read that? YECH ! Pretty good. Gross. Eyes glimmering. Terrible.

The one thing I kept asking myself was, would I be PROUD to let my Mother see this? I mean I may not haverepparttar 117869 greatest sense of color in repparttar 117870 world, but NEON on black??? Just so amateurish it made me wonder what inrepparttar 117871 world these people were thinking about. Did they really think ANYONE would buy something from a HORROR show? Nuff aboutrepparttar 117872 hunt forrepparttar 117873 website designer. I FOUND them and they did a terrific job for me.

Well, I hate to tell yourepparttar 117874 truth about this, but it truly took me OVER a year to findrepparttar 117875 right combination of companies that has started earning me money. I found companies that offer great products and education. I combined them with a company that has everything you NEED to do business onrepparttar 117876 web. The smaller investments have slowly but SURELY grown while I now have a PRO fessional website with which to advertise this combination of products and services.

My site has a listserver built in, so my newsletter subscriber list is growing very quickly. I haverepparttar 117877 salesmanager software also built into my site. And I am proceeding to make adequate (forrepparttar 117878 time being) money onrepparttar 117879 Internet. Ta Da......I never really thought I would get rich doing this, just earn enough to retire fromrepparttar 117880 brick and mortar world.

Hopefully you understand that it does take HARD work and long hours to prosper onrepparttar 117881 'Net. If you think you can just get "lucky"........forget it !

Hopefully we will all realize our dreams of being financially independent, working from HOME.

Happy Marketing !

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Good Morning: As a subscriber to your newsletter I Haven't Made My $100,000 Yet Part Time. When Am I Going To Make Money?

Written by Ross Reyman

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3) NO DISTINGUISH BETWEEN GOALS AND COMMITMENTS. A goal and commitment are notrepparttar same. To sell 50 ads is a goal. To be committed to makingrepparttar 117868 sales is hard work. Give yourself some slack, but don't let yourself slack off. Make realistic goals and work towards it. Did you know that most fortunes are still made one step at a time? Carry out one step at a time with commitment. Make bit size portions and win one step at a time.

4) NO GOALS AT ALL. Define what you want. One my early advertisers didn't want to be onrepparttar 117869 Internet, but wanted to be a weekend artist. He hasrepparttar 117870 talent, too. Do you really want to be an Internet marketer? Write down your goals andrepparttar 117871 keep them in sight. Do check them daily. Some days you will have holes in your plan, but by daily glancing at them, you will eventually thinkrepparttar 117872 holes full. One goal that successful businessmen always have is to take a percentage of their earnings and reinvest it. If you spent $100 to take $200, pyramid with $150 to make $300. Plan your strategy.

5) TAKE TIME. In Mail Order that I came from, experts said that it took about a year to learn that trade. I believe that it takesrepparttar 117873 same onrepparttar 117874 Internet. Make a learning period first. Learn as much as you can. But unlike mail order, I believe that you must continue to learn. I got an email from someone in New Zealand once that outlined my mistakes. And told me that I must change because in so many words he was an expert. There is no total expert in this business because both technology and practice is still growing. The persons who think he or she is an expert will eventually run out ofrepparttar 117875 expertise that he had because it will have changed.

The Internet is still as land of opportunities, but you must be realistic and then work hard. Some will disagree with me, but I believe that one should try until you get it right. Where else can you start a business with $400 or less and have a chance to make it. Sound unpleasant, but some will have to invest that $400 and aboutrepparttar 117876 third or fourth $400, he will make it.

Ross Reyman is owner of Entrepreneur 2001 Online Magazine. He is also owner the largest freebies site for Internet businessmen that contains free ads, moneymaking, and freebies such as computers, money and others at He will try to answer short questions from his Internet addresses.

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